The sun was shining this morning! All that white sparkled, and well it might at -17C. The wind was negligible, so the heat in the house is being retained easily. By noon snowflakes began to drift down, by 12:15 it was snowing hard. Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain. This is going to be some… Continue reading Sunshine!

Late Spring

After a few days of wind and rain, the sun is shining. I took the opportunity to go for a walk this afternoon, my first of the year! What a wondrous thing spring is, and it has arrived at the little house in the city. The tree in the front yard continues to be busy… Continue reading Late Spring

Berry Picking

Yesterday the first task on my morning list was to spray the bathroom with aqueous oxygen, to disinfect the mould, and clean the areas around the tub where the drywall had turned into mould balls. There were also a few areas where mice had visited between the exposed studs, and left their little black calling… Continue reading Berry Picking