Little Bits

Since the canning is slowing down now, there is time for the little bits. Another batch of Vegetable Broth was made in the steam juicer this morning. Another loaf of bread was baked this morning. The Nasturtium Hot Sauce was strained and bottled this morning. I don’t think of it as hot sauce though, it… Continue reading Little Bits

Full House

Sunday, October 27, 2019 Autumn! Yesterday we were out at the Camp for a few hours. What a beautiful day it was! Attila brought his chain saw and managed to get two of the many dead trees out. But the recent rains brought water back to the swamp, so many dead trees remain to be… Continue reading Full House

Frost Again Last Night

We had frost again last night and it is predicted again for tonight. Attila was prepared, all of the garden, except the Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and Swiss chard, were covered. Attila was off to work early this morning, so the garden will stay covered until he gets home from work. Since it is sunny today,… Continue reading Frost Again Last Night

Bwa ha ha ha

Happy Hallowe’en! My All Souls list includes my Granny and Grandpa, my former partner Pat Logier, friends Norm Hacking, Derek Currie, Sam Larkin, Irene Bean, Sarah (Rhubarb), Alison Simms, Paul Simpson-Housely, my brother Carl, my Aunts Marie and Anna, my second baby born too soon and who I never saw, Blackie the Dog, Bim the… Continue reading Bwa ha ha ha