Blogmas Day 9: Downsizing

A dollar store clock was purchased for Grace the trailer, but it wasn’t left in Grace over the winter, it came home to Mist Cottage.  It was sitting in the bookcase in the living room at the time that Terra, Sunny, Sky, and Willow dropped in for a visit.  Sky took a shine to it, it needed rescuing, so it ended up safe and sound, hung on the wall.  Now it ticks away in unison with the clock that already sits on the wall in the living room.  Time is a chorus. We moved from our country house, to Mist Cottage, which was 1/3 the size. Downsizing has been an ongoing project, even after three years. One of the cornerstones of downsizing is that if a memento doesn’t bring you joy, you are better off letting it go. Why am I bringing up downsizing? Like downsizing our living space, our Christmas celebrations and expectations have downsized considerably over the years  They were meager indeed to begin with.  For instance, Attila and I ceased to expect that any of our children would spend Christmas Day in our company, with the exception of one Christmas, from the day they left home.  That … Continue reading

Blogmas Day 8: Herbs and Spices

It was good news about the bill from the garage for the car maintenance!  The bill was under $100, so we are good to go there.  The new tires for the car were ordered today, but they won’t be installed for at least another week.  Hopefully Attila won’t run into too much bad weather and bad roads before they get installed. All my websites were checked as to the viability of plugins and themes, after the WordPress upgrade.  Nothing jarring going on there, thank goodness. It has been a quiet Saturday here, sunny and oh so cold.  Attila opted to spend his day working in the basement, rather than in the garage.  It is much warmer in the basement.  He is making some progress in insulating the rim joists, but there is still a long way to go.  There is a lot of stuff down there, and he has to move a lot of it to get near the rim joists. I continue to organize the kitchen, a job which is getting easier and easier.  Today it was sorting through herbs and spices, putting them in jars, labelling, and then finding places to store them.  The chaos is beginning to … Continue reading

Blogmas Day 7: Whole Wheat Flour

WordPress is up to it again.  A new version, version 5, was released today and my sites all automatically upgraded.  Problems were expected with vintage plugins and themes, but so far as I can make out, mine have weathered the change without incident.  Time will tell.  The editing feature has completely changed, and I am still getting used to it.  Right now I cannot find a way to save my draft entry.  A basic function, perhaps it auto saves.  Time to copy the entry, close it, open it again and see if it is intact!  Eureka, as I was copying the text, the Save Draft function appeared on the screen, flashed, announced that it had auto saved, without any input from me.  Now that the Save Draft function is visible, I am able to use it to save the draft any old time I care to.  Time to play around with this and get a feel for how things work. The weekend approaches.  The project this weekend is to find new tires for the car, the best we can get for a price we manage to pay.  Attila has a nose for bargains, to it is game on. A big … Continue reading

Blogmas Day 6: Misplaced

Sunshine! It is amazing how much cheer a few rays of sunshine can add to a room. After a bright and sunny morning, the clouds returned in force, snow is predicted. I’ve spent a good part of my morning looking for the information sheet the hospital provided for me before I checked out after the colonoscopy, can’t find it. It has been misplaced. How is this even possible! This is a small house, how many places are there that I could have put it. No luck at all, still haven’t found it. I’ve put is somewhere “logical”, but is beyond me just where that might be. This happens from time to time, I assume it happens to everyone. How frustrating! Today was the day I had to deal with the huge bill received for the repairs to Tank. Ouch! The repair cost more than new windows for the whole house, and that really hurts. Of course it cannot be paid in one go, so I came up with a plan of borrowing and paying back that will take us well into 2019, but it isn’t so tight a strategy that we will suffer. Our belts will be tightened, but we … Continue reading

Blogmas Day 5: Canada Post

Sometimes bureaucracies get so big they topple over and crush the little people below… Canada Post comes to mind. I bought a gift for my Mom, which was supposed to be delivered today, just to cheer her up, as she has a few health issues to contend with the moment. Well, it won’t get there on time. Why? See the image below for the sad tale of how the package left for a three-day round-trip journey, ending up back where it started and nowhere near my Mom’s house.  And I will add that the claim that the delay is due to weather or natural disaster is bogus, I live here in Ontario, there are no current weather events or natural disasters going on, unless you call a big cow pie of misinformation a natural disaster. In reality there is no big inconvenience due to this cockamamie trip the package went on, and the fact that it will arrive where it is supposed to go late.  Was this a stressed out employee?  An angry employee?  A careless and indifferent employee?  Who knows, the post office is mostly broke, and it doesn’t look like it is getting fixed. I enjoyed my breakfast … Continue reading