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The network of human interaction has been altered. It has been altered by the species itself. There was a day, not so long ago, when humans formed healthy communities, communities that sustained all but a few. Technology is fast altering human connections to other humans. We are teaching our babies and children to talk to machines that mimic human responses. Our species has successfully anthropomorphized devices. It has yet to be seen how this will affect the future of the species. I miss shelling garden peas and talking with my Granny on the porch. Worldly Weather 1°C Date: 6:45 AM EST Wednesday 9 January 2019 Condition: Light Rain and Snow Pressure: 100.1 kPa Tendency: Rising Temperature: 0.8°C Dew point: 0.8°C Humidity: 100% Wind: WNW 12 km/h Visibility: 13 km Quote “Walking is man’s best medicine.” Hippocrates 460 BC – 377 BC


Monday, January 7, 2019 It was cold last night with a -23C wind chill. I didn’t notice, for which I am truly grateful. I did add an extra comforter on the the bed though, and spent the night quite comfortably; it was needed, or I would have been too hot. Tomorrow we are expecting rain. Weather has a logic of its own. Attila worked in the garage until bedtime last night. Now that his projects are not dominated by a deadline, he enthusiastically works away until the goal is reached. He finished his new workbench, using only wood that had been collected free of charge, or purchased at incredibly low prices when he worked in the lumber industry. The new work bench has a lot of storage, so once he organizes his tools and such, I should be able to find anything I need to tackle the small projects that interest me. What I will notice most though, is how bare the basement will feel when he moves his tools and building supplies out into the garage! Tuesday, January 8, 2019 It is much warmer today. Freezing rain fell over the course of the night and collected in a thick … Continue reading

Cold Season

The headache I have is not just from landing face first and skidding across the concrete floor on my face. I have a head cold. Misery loves company. Where my mind goes with this juxtaposition of complaints, is that I might as well have both at the same time, get it over quicker. And in spite of it all, I can still keep motoring along doing what I usually do, just not quite as comfortably. I am now sporting a real “shiner” of a black eye. Yesterday the weather was mild and dreary. Most of the snow has melted from our yard. Today is sunny, and the damp cold wind is takes your breath away. Attila and I did our weekly shopping this morning, and found walking from the vehicle to the store, and then back, a chilling experience. Where we shop for food is a discount store. It used to share a parking lot only with a few small stores, and a beer store. The parking lot had vehicle-eating potholes, which we learned to recognize, even under newly fallen snow. Then a fitness centre and another discount store moved into the complex. The parking lot was repaired, repaved, and … Continue reading

A Little Rumpled But Fine

I am a little rumpled from my fall yesterday. My eye is swollen, a bit black and blue, and the cuts have prominent scabs, but I can still see properly. I have some stiffness in my neck, left wrist, and back, but I am getting around without pain. I have a headache, but no fatigue, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, or any other alarming symptom. I certainly have not lost my appetite. I continue to watch myself carefully though, and will for a week or two, just to make sure all is well. My scratched glasses can’t be repaired without cost, they were purchased at Costco, who only cover the coating. So I am going to try and purchase my next pair from a business that has a warranty on the glasses, lens, frame, and coating. I dug out my old pair of glasses and they will do me until I am eligible for a new pair of glasses. My prescription hasn’t changed for over 15 years. The documents that I forgot yesterday were obtained, and this morning another visit to the office got the job done. No one seemed to notice my face looking a little battered. That might have … Continue reading

Slow Motion

It snowed last night. When Attila left for work this morning, only a few inches of snow covered the end of the driveway. When I attempted to get out of the driveway, a few hours later, the plow had gone by and there was a two foot high, packed, snow bank at the end of the driveway. It took me forty five minutes to clean the snow off Tank, and to shovel the driveway. I didn’t feel particularly tired, as I had not rushed through it, having only half loaded the snow shovel before lifting it to throw the snow to the side of the drive. I got Tank out and did my errand. The errand did not go well, I had forgotten documents that were needed. I will say the clerk was amazing, patient, and she managed to find workarounds for some of the stuff, so that I didn’t have to go home again to look for documents. I will have to return again to complete the process though, with the proper documents. When I arrived back home I decided to clear the snow off Iris the trailer, and shovel the rest of the driveway. That took another forty … Continue reading