Sing Your Song

The weather yesterday and today has been grand! Blue skies and very windy, but lovely for a late October day. There are times when a lot seems to go wrong, not tragically wrong, just exasperatingly wrong. Tank was having issues almost two weeks ago, and I’ve been without a vehicle ever since. I’ve had to cancel a few appointments. I took her to the first garage, then waited four days for an opening for the mechanic to take a look at her. He did so, and informed me that he couldn’t do the job, too big for him, so Attila took Tank over to another reputable garage and they agreed to do the job, telling us it would be done by the following Tuesday. The quote was for a few thousand dollars, ouch! On Monday the garage called to find out what I wanted to do, they didn’t realize the part would be another $800. The choice was a new used vehicle or have Tank fixed. I took a chance on Tank, a new vehicle just isn’t in the budget, and a new used vehicle has as much chance of having serious issues as does Tank. They told me Tank … Continue reading

The Problem With Pudding

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 Black clouds are rolling across, overhead and in the distance, torn here and there with streaks of blue, as heaven tries to get in. It is chilly now, autumn weather has arrived. Most of our leaves have fallen from the trees, but not all. The garden is taking its last gasp, almost everything with any chance of ripening has been harvested. The temperature is predicted to all to -4C overnight, and although the garden will be covered, it is up in the air as to whether that will keep it from being damaged. Tank is supposed to be back in service Friday afternoon, it will be wonderful to have the feeling that I COULD get out and about if I wanted to. That feeling is very important to me. In reality, I only venture out a few times a week, and not very far, so not being able to do it isn’t all that intrusive, in the short-term. But I notice the difference in how it feels, the way the world seems. The dehumidifier has quit for good. The small dehumidifier is doing a decent job of keeping the basement from becoming musty, but it is … Continue reading

Heating Season

Attila turned the heat on yesterday morning. After a chilly night, the indoor temperature had fallen to 18C, which is a little cooler than we like it, so the thermostat was set to 21C, and the heating season has begun. I’ve been busy in the kitchen. I was going to be spending a lot of time organizing the freezer. As usual plans change, a distraction appeared, in the form of a bushel of Northern Spy apples. Saturday was dreary, so after making a call to ensure availability, we took a drive out the apple ‘farm”. It was more like a carnival site than a farm. I grew up on a farm, and it was nothing like a producing enterprise. It was a “do-dad” store. Sure, there were bins and bushels of apples, at sky-high prices, but there was mostly astronomically priced goodies, that looked homemade, but probably were not. $10 for a small jar of jelly seems a little over the top, but people were lined up at the cash register, and most of the high-priced baked goods were gone. We looked around, inwardly gasping at the prices, then found what we were looking for, bushels of Northern Spy apples. … Continue reading

Still Moving In!

When we moved to Mist Cottage, just over three years ago, we were overwhelmed by possessions.  What comfortably furnished an 1800 square foot home did not fit comfortably into an already fully furnished 640 square foot home. Boxes were stacked to the ceiling, and tunnels through them led to the kitchen, the bathroom and the beds. We have come a long way since that week of moving our household.  Much was given to Terra and Lares, a custom-made pine dining set, an antique oak dresser… Much was given to the local Women’s Shelter, and Men’s Shelter, dishes, two television sets, clothing and much, much more… Some things were given away via kijiji.  Other items were sold via kijiji.  I discovered I do not like selling via kijiji, finding a meeting place to exchange money for items, or having people pick things up at the house… nope, I don’t like that much. Because Mist Cottage was already a fully functioning home, fully furnished, supplied with food, and the necessities of day-to-day life, we had duplicates of just about everything.  Three years later we are just about through either using the duplicates (e.g. two jars of mustard), or finding a new home … Continue reading


It is a long weekend this weekend, Monday is the Canadian Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! Attila has been out and about, actually taking the old, completely destroyed, metal eavestroughs, that have been sitting under the back porch since we bought the house, well since the rotted wood they were attached too fell off the house just after we bought it.  They were/are an eyesore, and since Mist Cottage has come so far along with the exterior renovations, they don’t have any further purpose.  Attila would like to buy new eavestrough for the entire house, when the back porch is renovated, the new metal roof has been installed, and the new siding is installed.  Well, all of that renovating might never happen, none of those projects are a priority, and all of them will cost a small fortune.  So for the forseeable future, Mist Cottage will be getting along without eavestroughs.  The bright side of that is that they won’t need to be cleaned! I have contacted an individual through social media, who would be glad to receive my old, well-kept hot water bath canner.  There is no room for it here, as all of my high … Continue reading