No Heat – Heat

It is really winter now! This morning I was puttering around and feeling kind of chilly. I ignored the feeling and carried on with my projects. But the feeling persisted, and then began to be more and more insistent on getting my attention. A quick look at the thermometer alerted me to the fact that the temperature in the house was plummeting. Neither the furnace, nor the heat pump, were able to get going. There was no heat. With a wind chill factor of -22 outside, I was going to have to do something, and quickly. I realized that although we own several electric heaters, Attila had stored them somewhere, and I could not find them. So that option was not available. I dressed warmly and headed out to the side of the house to inspect the air source heat pump. I cleared the snow from it, quite a bit actually, we are experiencing snow squalls. I banged it on the side a bit, thinking maybe it would get going. No. Back into the house I went. My next attempt was to turn the temperature up substantially on the thermostat, hoping that would inspire the system to leap into action. … Continue reading

The Quiet Life

The weather has brought us another cold snap, which is supposed to be short lived. Since my knee seizes up when the temperature dips below freezing, there is no chance I will be going for walks in the great outdoors. Oh well, at least I have the elliptical machine. Since Attila and I have been together we have always waited until the last week of January to take down the Christmas Tree. Last weekend we slowly removed the ornaments, and lights, and carried our much enjoyed tree out the front door and around to the back yard. The tree will be used as part of the hugelkulture raised bed, which will be built this spring. I am sentimental about trees, and cried this year when the tree was being disrobed for its journey out the door. I miss the tree, and the lights, but am happy to have more floor space in the house. The tree meant walking sideways and stepping over furniture to get around, the house is that small. My birthday falls in the winter months. There aren’t a lot of things that I can do out of doors in the winter, so celebrations focus on indoor activities. … Continue reading

Killing Bugs

It snowed all day, and now it is raining! Roller coaster weather, which I prefer to continuous deep cold. The snow is wet on all of the roofs now, holding on to that rain. I hope it stays above freezing for a bit, give the roof a chance to shed some of the load. When there isn’t much else to do on a dreary winter’s day, then we get busy with odd jobs. Last night we spent the evening in the kitchen. We weren’t cooking, oh no. We were boiling laundry. We gathered together all the clean dishcloths, put the half-full-of-water 16 quart stock pot on the burner to boil, then began to boil the dishcloths. This is necessary every so often, to kill lingering bacteria. As soon as they aren’t smelling fresh after being laundered, it is time to boil the bugs out of them. After boiling all the washcloths, we moved on to the white socks in the house. Then we laundered all the boiled items, and hung them up to dry for the night. I folded them all this morning and put them away. They smelled oh so fresh! Attila has a cold bug, and I think … Continue reading

Extreme Cold Warning

Attila has been making short, very short, forays out with the shovel. He cleared the driveway over the course of the day. Quite a bit of snow fell over the course of the night and during the morning. it is very cold out there. Attila said that shoveling near the house wasn’t too bad, but out at the end of the driveway, where the wind was howling, was almost unbearable. I didn’t go out to help shovel, too cold for my knee. In an emergency I would do it, but it isn’t an emergency, and Attila did a great job. The snow continues to fall. Heating with the oil furnace means that a lot of static is generated in the house. It is oh so dry, 22% relative humidity when I arose at dawn this morning, and I’ve only got it up to 26% this afternoon. Still working on it though, as tonight is supposed to be really cold, -24C, so the furnace will be working hard all night. The dryness creates a lot of static, which means my hair, which is very fine, is standing on end, literally. This morning I had wet my hands and run them over … Continue reading

Winter Storm

The cold weather has arrived! Until today the winter weather has been relatively mild and benign. It has been warm enough that a lot of our heat has been generated by the air source heat pump, which heats the house when the temperature is above -7C. The oil furnace took over last night, and will be doing all the work until next Tuesday, at the earliest. The cold snap is meant to intensify into a major winter storm over the weekend, before easing up over the course of next week. There will be snow shoveling going on this weekend! The air is house is dry! Our humidity is at 25% relative humidity. In the past, this level of humidity resulted in my multiple nosebleeds throughout each day. Since the specialist cauterized my nostrils, I have had only one nosebleed, which was less than a week after the procedure, and must have been due to incomplete healing of the wound. No nosebleeds since then. Yay. Attempts to raise the humidity have met with little success. A load of wet laundry is drying on a collapsible rack in the living room. Large tea towels have been soaked, and hang on hangers over … Continue reading