Well, I honestly thought that by this time of year I would not be so very busy with what is coming in from the garden! Every other day I am making pizza sauce with our tomatoes, blanching green beans for the freezer, and making something with zucchini. We have enough tomato sauce canned now to last us until next years tomato harvest, so I’ve begun to make pizza sauce with the tomatoes, which I am freezing, because I am including the tomato skins in the sauce. The no-sodium Zucchini Relish jazzes up so many dishes for me, so that I am happy to have already canned over 24 jars of it. Two more jars of Zucchini Relish were canned this afternoon, and a half jar went into the refrigerator for immediate use. Another thing I tried today with zucchini was Zucchini Brownies, didn’t sound the greatest, but they are delicious! Nothing like a little bit of veg in your indulgences. Today is a renovation day. I know we weren’t going to do any renovations this year, except to fix the foundation wall along the garage, which Attila did early in the summer. But the stars aligned perfectly, so I decided … Continue reading

R & R

The first week of September has been a busy one. Attila and I seldom go out for entertainment, it has been years since we attended a Van Gogh exhibition in Ottawa, I think that was the last time we spent our resources on something that would be considered “entertainment”. And yet, we are entertained. Our life entertains us. Sometimes this is a very quiet, slow affair. Other times it is intensely engaging. September has been intensely engaging. It began with purchase of a half bushel of Red Shepherd Peppers at a local grocery store. These come up for sale once a year, around this time of year. Last year I made Tomato Red Pepper Sauce with them, there are only two jars left of the 44 I canned last September. This September I roasted the Red Shepherd Peppers, and oh my they are good. I froze the roasted peppers. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. The very next day I canned 4 500-ml jars of Cherry Bomb Tomatoes, and 4 1 liter jars of Tomato Sauce, using garden tomatoes. As well Attila and I diced and blanched two purchased bunches of celery, which we froze. Then … Continue reading

The Choir

When we bought Mist Cottage, it was considered a “tear down”, not worth the effort of renovation. That is why it was on the market for a very long time, the price dropping regularly. No entrepreneur who was “flipping” houses would touch it, too much wrong it, too much work. It was worth barely more than the worth of the property, but of course, with a little house on it, the price never went that low. When we bought Mist Cottage it was not worthy of a mortgage. We used several lines of credit to buy it. We made the initial renovations that would qualify the house for a mortgage, then took out a mortgage, which we will probably be paying off for the rest of our lives. No matter, we have a home to call our own. When we bought Mist Cottage it was on a little dead end street, with a wetland at the end of the street that was protected by zoning. It was quiet, and peaceful. Neighbours knew one another, forming a little community. The the mayor of this small town, and the council, sought development, to increase the tax base, or so they said. I … Continue reading

Roasting Peppers

Who knew! Well I did, really, but still, what a great discovery. I knew that peppers could be roasted. My friend Joannie is a chef, and I had seen her roasting peppers over a gas burner, decades ago, then it was new information for me. I assumed I needed a gas burner to do it, and never thought about it again, until last week. Last week I bumped into a video that demonstrated roasting peppers in the oven. Well heck, I can do that! Yesterday I purchased a half bushel of Red Shepherd Peppers, and went to work as soon as I got them home. I decided to roast only two pans of peppers, to see if I could do it, and if I could, to see if we liked them. We don’t just like them, we LOVE them! So this morning I am roasting the rest of the peppers. It will take two baking sessions, using four baking sheets. I am placing the peppers on silicone mats on the baking sheets, because the clean up is so very easy. I got the instructions from a well researched, accountable web site called Healthy Canning. It has good, reliable, safe, tested, … Continue reading


From time to time a word will pop into my head. It is usually a well worn word, that has seen decades of hard use. The word will appear before my mind, transformed by a softer, more distant light. It will lure me into a state of wonder, as its meaning strikes an unfamiliar pose, as if I’ve come upon it, as a stranger in a strange land might. Underpants. I’ve not really thought about the word before. It is a word that I learned early in my foray into language, used daily as ablutions neared successful completion. It is a charming little word, don’t you think? Pants that are worn under overpants. Overpants, not a word I’ve ever heard or used. But underpants, these little pieces of fabric, have their own word. Their presence, hidden as it is behind a veil of outer fabrics, is recognized, and honoured with a moniker. Underpants. The word puts me in mind of a Carl Larrson painting, Mamma’s and the small girls’ room, watercolor, 1897. Worldly Weather 24°C Date: 4:00 PM EDT Monday 26 August 2019 Condition: Partly Cloudy Pressure: 102.1 kPa Tendency: Falling Temperature: 23.5°C Dew point: 11.5°C Humidity: 46% Wind: SSW … Continue reading