Turning Points

I got my hair cut today, shoulder length, about six inches came off. It was a personal occasion, as the last of my natural brown hair fell to the floor. From here and my forever more, my hair is predominantly gray. I asked the stylist to save a lock of my brown hair for me to take home as a keepsake. She did just that, fastening it and placing it carefully in a plastic bag. I have mixed feelings about this turning point, sad that an era has passed, happy to see the new era. Neither Attila nor I have been sleeping well since Sunday. It is a time of adjustment, to the change in light and all things atmospheric. Our winter weary bodies are struggling to awaken. Mother Nature did it! On Sunday she turned the page on spring, from waiting-for the-cold-weather-to-end, to this-is-a-perfect-day. It was perfect, over 20C, a light breeze whispering through the grass, blue skies, and sunshine. We spent Sunday checking the Camp. I am over the moon happy to write these words… no sign of mice in Grace the trailer. Oh my, happy, happy day. Not a dropping to be found anywhere, and the trap … Continue reading

Barefoot in the Rain or The Dead Elm

Glamour! Not! I was eating my breakfast this morning when there was a knock on the door. The young man at the door was greeted by an old lady in her pajamas, long hair unbrushed and wild, feet bare, but smiling. He had come from a local utility company to look at our poor dead ash tree, over 40 feet high. I had called all over the place about it, trying to find a way to get it felled before it started to fall down. It was ailing last summer, and died over the course of the winter. Since he was here to help, I didn’t hesitate to step outside in my pajamas and bare feet, to show him which tree was in trouble. I stood out in the rain chatting with him, it was about 6C, as he assessed the tree. I don’t know if he felt sorry for sorry-looking me, or if it was just the right decision for his company, but he said, “We’ll take that tree down.” Music to my ears! They don’t know when they will come and fell the tree, and they won’t take away the brush and logs, but they will bring it … Continue reading

Chelsea Buns

Tank is now officially a tank! The power steering is not working at all. I was just out running an errand in town and my wrists are killing me. It was so hard to turn that steering wheel. Tank is not working well at the moment, hasn’t been since we first took her in to the garage when the engine light flashed on. They didn’t know how to fix her, charged us $4,500, and had her there working on her for weeks. Then we took her in to our regular garage, he did some work, charged us $500 and it made no difference at all. The money is gone now, there is no more where that came from, and Tank is limping along. The dash lights are coming on, and no one has the skill to diagnose the problem. I am interacting on forums and we are slowly trying to work out what is wrong. From what I gather on the forums, dealerships don’t know either, and her problems are not unusual for her make, model, and year. So it is, for now, a matter of working through all the different possibilities, in hope of hitting on the issue that … Continue reading

On the Cheap

These images are to share a couple of budget wise finds that were recently made, on the cheap, so to speak. Worldly Weather 6°C Date: 9:00 AM EDT Wednesday 24 April 2019 Condition: Cloudy Pressure: 100.9 kPa Tendency: Rising Temperature: 5.5°C Dew point: 2.6°C Humidity: 81% Wind: WNW 26 gust 39 km/h Visibility: 24 km Quote “I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.” Edith Sitwell 1887 – 1964 Just watch the popular channels on youtube for a while, proof of point.

Mayflowers and Trilliums

I’ve been sitting here in the living room this morning, comfortably ensconced on my easy chair, sipping my morning coffee, and staring up into the bare tree branches just outside the window. The sky can’t make up it’s mind about the morning, bright blue sky one minute, then black overcaste cloud cover before I know it. My attention has been focused on a fat robin perched on the branches. It is a female I surmise, based on the rotund profile, and she is preening with great care. By the time she flies away, the sky has changed from blue to dark gray. Spring is advancing, slow and steady, mostly cloudy and dreary so far. The temperatures have been around average for this time of year, which is single digit (Centigrade). Not unpleasant, but combined with the copious amounts of rain we have been receiving, not great outdoor weather either. We had rain warnings for the Easter long weekend, Friday and Saturday saw a lot of rain here, some flooding in areas, but luckily our property was not affected by that. Yesterday, Sunday, was cloudy and cool. The temperature was supposedly going to reach 18C, but that did not happen, the … Continue reading