An Opinion That I Wish Would Go Viral

Grocery stores could save lives – they need to offer NO CONTACT DELIVERY-TO-VEHICLE online shopping. Also home delivery for some. Everyone needs groceries, the most common point of contact in our present situation. Stop endangering the staff and the customers by forcing people to come into the stores to obtain life sustaining items – food. Put people before profits.


Does this seem fair? Yesterday was lovely, almost 10C, and lovely on the back porch, to sit in the sun. Except, except, that as I sat there I was attacked, first by one mosquito, which I killed, then by two more. One of them tried to bite me on the ankle, I killed that one, and the third one made an attempt on my leg, and I got that one too. Sheesh, mosquitoes already, and I am still wearing my jacket and hat! It looks like it will be a buggy spring, lol. This morning I had a hankering for complex carbohydrates. Although I would love something like a cheese danish, or a cinnamon bun, I don’t indulge in those kinds of things anymore… sad but true. However, my muffins are pretty good, so I decided to make Chocolate Date muffins, using my basic muffin recipe, some chopped dates, cocoa in the dry ingredients, and chocolate chips as well. For liquid I used whey from the last batch of yogurt I had made. The muffins made an excellent, and very satisfying, breakfast. I love that hydro has suspended time-of-use billing; it feels decadent to just bake what I want, when … Continue reading

Spring Projects

I will continue to include daily experiences related to the coronavirus and COVID-19. Life as we knew it has changed forever, and new ways of being are developing, slowly, slowly, slowly. Now that we are both in self-isolation, we take more notice of the goings on in the neighbourhood. Almost everyone is respectfully living their lives according to the current restrictions, staying home, physically distancing, to “flatten the curve”, it is truly a good neighbourhood to live in. Two of our neighbours aren’t with the program though, pushing the limits of the restrictions to the very edge. Across the street they are out and about in their vehicles frequently, every day, sometimes it is shopping, other times who knows, but it is not work related. Next door to us the young couple has had a series of visitors over the last two days, probably family, but visitors nonetheless. We will be giving these neighbours a wide berth now, and in the future. These reckless behaviours may be the death of someone, probably not them, they are young. Our days are pleasant and fulfilling. Attila is out in his garden again today. One of his projects out there is to create … Continue reading

April Showers

It is April! Attila is out in the garden every day now, although if it rains he takes shelter, otherwise he is busy out there. So far he has planted walking onions, garlic, and radishes. The rhubarb is peeking through, which is wonderful to see, and my rose, that came from my Granny’s house, has taken on a subtle green colour, a very good sign! Already Attila has a few old plastic garbage bins collecting run off from the roof, which he is using to water the garden. Yesterday was cool, and windy, and sunny! When the sun hit the back porch I was out there, and it was so wonderful to bask in the sun for a few hours; fully outfitted in warm footwear, pants, and my parka. But this morning there is no sign of the sun, the sky is grey and everything out there looks dampish. Because our financial resources are now rather strained, I decided earlier in the week to turn the thermostat down by one degree centigrade, to 20.5C. We found that during the day it made no difference to us, we did not even notice it. But slowly, over the course of a few … Continue reading

The Dust Settles

Since early January I have been watching the current pandemic rise, experiencing internal stress as I attempted to prepare for its arrival in Canada. I spent a lot of time thinking things through, trying to prepare for isolation, and still I missed things. I missed that bleach expires, and so we have no effective bleach to use for disinfecting, and it cannot be purchased, the stores are all sold out. That was a big mistake on my part. But what has worried me most all these months, is that Attila would have to work, and would be exposed to infection, and that he and I might not fare well in such a case. All of my focus was on resolving that issue, trying to take steps to keep Attila safe, and myself safe as a result. Our fates are tied together at this point. When two of the managers returned to work after travel abroad, I reached a breaking point. Attila began to use his vacation time to stay out of harms way. Suddenly, on March 25th, Attila was laid off. What a blessing. Fear of poverty is a lot more bearable than fear of death, at least that is … Continue reading