The Heat Is On

Last night the temperature fell to 1C. The temperature in the house was 20C, so it was decided that the heat would be turned on the prevent it from getting colder. The heating system has run three times since it was started up, and has maintained the temperature at a comfortable 21.5C, despite the very… Continue reading The Heat Is On

Little Bits

Since the canning is slowing down now, there is time for the little bits. Another batch of Vegetable Broth was made in the steam juicer this morning. Another loaf of bread was baked this morning. The Nasturtium Hot Sauce was strained and bottled this morning. I don’t think of it as hot sauce though, it… Continue reading Little Bits

I’m Sitting Down Now!

Whew! I’m sitting down now, at last. It is 7:01 p.m. I’ve been on the go, and on my feet all day long, but for five or six, five to ten minute breaks. I am tired! The good kind of tired, the kind of tired that fills you up with endorphins and calm happy thoughts.… Continue reading I’m Sitting Down Now!

Another Busy Weekend, I Love Weekends

Oh the weather, it is wonderful! The heat waves seem to have abated, and it is now comfortable to sit outside on the back porch in the afternoons. The windows are open, the breezes play through the house. I am almost, not quite but almost, grateful to hear Yippy and Yappy the little dogs locked… Continue reading Another Busy Weekend, I Love Weekends

Labour Day Weekend

This morning, just as Attila was about the walk out the door and be off to work, the rain came down in buckets. It filled up two 1000 litre rain tanks. It has been weeks since we have had a soaking rain and Attila had to resort to using municipal water, expensive. Today I have… Continue reading Labour Day Weekend