Another Busy Weekend, I Love Weekends

Oh the weather, it is wonderful! The heat waves seem to have abated, and it is now comfortable to sit outside on the back porch in the afternoons. The windows are open, the breezes play through the house. I am almost, not quite but almost, grateful to hear Yippy and Yappy the little dogs locked… Continue reading Another Busy Weekend, I Love Weekends

Labour Day Weekend

This morning, just as Attila was about the walk out the door and be off to work, the rain came down in buckets. It filled up two 1000 litre rain tanks. It has been weeks since we have had a soaking rain and Attila had to resort to using municipal water, expensive. Today I have… Continue reading Labour Day Weekend

Canned Coleslaw and a Bit of Advice

At our house, the lastest thing since sliced bread is canned coleslaw. Wow! Attila chopped the vegetables, and I took care of everything else from there. Canning projects are so easy with two people, not only does the job go quicker and easier, but there is also a sense of connection in sharing the tasks,… Continue reading Canned Coleslaw and a Bit of Advice


There are vacations, staycations, and I have just decided that what I had… was a cancation. I stayed home and canned for a week. And I enjoyed it. Attila stayed home and enjoyed being home, low-key, low pressure, he loved it. And I, and Attila, will enjoy the results of the cancation for months and… Continue reading Cancation

One Cheese Slice

For decades I have had issues with pre-processed foods. While growing up, we processed our own foods for use during the winter. Apples, pears, potatoes and many other fruits and vegetables were harvested or purchased in sufficient quantity, when they were in season, to last until the next harvest season. The same old canning jars… Continue reading One Cheese Slice