Canned Coleslaw and a Bit of Advice

At our house, the lastest thing since sliced bread is canned coleslaw. Wow! Attila chopped the vegetables, and I took care of everything else from there. Canning projects are so easy with two people, not only does the job go quicker and easier, but there is also a sense of connection in sharing the tasks,… Continue reading Canned Coleslaw and a Bit of Advice

Gingerbread Cookies

The weather has been kind, cold and kind. Since we have to be isolated here at Mist Cottage, how cozy it seems to hunker down in warmth and comfort while the wind roars around us. There is no temptation to venture out, or away from the property. This is a kindness on nature’s part, because… Continue reading Gingerbread Cookies

Chelsea Buns

Tank is now officially a tank! The power steering is not working at all. I was just out running an errand in town and my wrists are killing me. It was so hard to turn that steering wheel. Tank is not working well at the moment, hasn’t been since we first took her in to… Continue reading Chelsea Buns