Attila said, “lets talk about this AFTER Christmas.” I agreed. Well, it is after Christmas now, and we talked. We talked all day Sunday. We talked all day Monday. We discussed. We researched. We went over pros. We went over cons. We talked about our fears… well that was mostly me talking. The conclusion is,… Continue reading Frazzled!

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice, the shortest day, and longest night, have come and gone. This year we took our Winter Solstice celebration very seriously. We have acknowledged the Solstice in the past, but this year being what it is, a BIG celebration was needed. Every celebration we can think of helps us along this isolated path through… Continue reading Winter Solstice

Flour Milling

I finally got around to milling some of my Kamut berries. They were purchased in 2019 and stored in the chest freezer. The berries are much larger than the hard Wheat berries, and lighter in colour. I am surprised at the fine texture of the milled Kamut flour. The same settings were used for both… Continue reading Flour Milling

Living the Dream

Hot! Humid! This is not a day where I spend time on the back porch! It is comfortable here inside, thanks to the ground source heat pump. Most of our vegetable scraps are saved for making Vegetable Broth. Peels, cores, seeds, stems, all kinds of vegetative bits, that we don’t eat in our food, are… Continue reading Living the Dream