The Heat Is On

Last night the temperature fell to 1C. The temperature in the house was 20C, so it was decided that the heat would be turned on the prevent it from getting colder. The heating system has run three times since it was started up, and has maintained the temperature at a comfortable 21.5C, despite the very… Continue reading The Heat Is On

Looking Back, and Forward

I have entertained myself during the last few dreary gray weeks by watching The 1940s House. I enjoyed it a great deal, and loved the practicality, and the attention to the truly important aspects of family, the glue of society, during that awful war experience. Life was shown to be very difficult for those who… Continue reading Looking Back, and Forward

The Last Harvest

Saturday! Since retirement, the days of the week aren’t the focus of my life, as they were when I had to be at a specific spot at a specific time. I like retirement. I was sitting here just minding my own business, and Saturday night snuck up on me! Yesterday I milled flour, it took… Continue reading The Last Harvest

First Snow!

It is snowing here this morning, lots and lots of snow. It is melting too, but enough is falling out the sky to accumulate significantly on the branches of the tree branches outside my windows, about 4 inches so far. I love the first snowfall of the season! It is pretty. But beyond the visual… Continue reading First Snow!