What Did You Do Today?

An interesting day! Here is what I’ve been up to. My ankles and feet feel cold, for the first time this autumn. The temperature in the house this morning was 19C, and it seems to be going down 1C every day. Now I know at what temperature I begin to feel slightly, every so slightly,… Continue reading What Did You Do Today?

First Snow!

It is snowing here this morning, lots and lots of snow. It is melting too, but enough is falling out the sky to accumulate significantly on the branches of the tree branches outside my windows, about 4 inches so far. I love the first snowfall of the season! It is pretty. But beyond the visual… Continue reading First Snow!

Blowing Snow

There are theories about chaos, official theories, well thought out theories, exploitable theories. But chaos as I know it on a first-name-basis, is not subject to any theory. Of course, I try, I really try, to fit it into some kind of a manageable box, where I can view it from the outside, comfortably. And… Continue reading Blowing Snow