Yesterday I attended my first appointment, an assessment, with the physiotherapist. I didn’t like the feel of the physical building, just something about it that felt, well, aggressive. Then I discovered that the clinic shares facilities with a small gym. That explains it, there is an air of pushiness to the place, and gyms strike… Continue reading Reconnecting


Routines are important to me. Life can get very complicated with my anaphylaxis, and our multiple properties, so anything that streamlines recurring tasks is welcome. One routine I have had to forego is a daily walk, until now. At the country house I made huge efforts to get out for a walk, but the barriers… Continue reading Routines


Sunday, December 28, 2014 I have decided to call a phenomena in my life WeMe. During December Attila and I were able to spend a lot of time with one another. It was wonderful. The month of December flew by. We lived within each other’s sphere of energy, connected in so many ways. This morning… Continue reading WeMe

Merry Christmas

Peace and joy to you and yours! A special Merry Christmas to my Mom, down in Florida, hope you have an enjoyable, sunny, and warm day Mom! Merry Christmas to anyone who visits here today, so glad of your company! Attila and I are enjoying a quiet morning, as the wind whips the clouds along… Continue reading Merry Christmas


There is an odd sweetness to the quiet days alone here at the little house in the city. Attila and I miss each other’s presence, making every interaction over the computer something we look forward to, and every chance we have to be in the same place, at the same time, a special event. I… Continue reading Home(s)