No More “Genius” Moves

Another health focused entry.  Am I fixated?  Perhaps.  But I’ve learned something important about myself and I want to record it, so I don’t forget it! I just arrived back from another visit to the emergency ward. Let me explain why I went to the emergency ward in an ambulance, and what a “genius” I… Continue reading No More “Genius” Moves

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Taking It Easy

Arriving back at the country house seems to have been perfectly timed. The weather is perfect, the bugs are sparse, and the projects are slowing down. I had a rough night last night, sleeping only four hours. Most of the night I battled the pain and nausea, comfortable in one position for only a few… Continue reading Taking It Easy


Yesterday I attended my first appointment, an assessment, with the physiotherapist. I didn’t like the feel of the physical building, just something about it that felt, well, aggressive. Then I discovered that the clinic shares facilities with a small gym. That explains it, there is an air of pushiness to the place, and gyms strike… Continue reading Reconnecting