Provincial State of Emergency: Covid-19

Ontario declared a State of Emergency which began at midnight last Thursday, so it came into effect Friday, January 15, 2021. The State of Emergency has little direct impact on our way of life, as we are have chosen to err on the side of caution and have stayed home all along, since last February.… Continue reading Provincial State of Emergency: Covid-19


This past week, the first week of 2021, has been taxing. The Pandemic, the lack of availability of vaccines, the debt of a new vehicle, on a larger scale American political chaos, and on an even larger scale the political corruption and conflicts around the world… all of these things seemed overwhelming. I need to… Continue reading Closure

Unexpected Opportunity

Our pace has slowed here at Mist Cottage, as winter deepens. It isn’t the cold, because the weather was mild over the weekend, and is mild again today. The eves are dripping, the snow is compacting as it melts, the roads are clear and dry in places, and the skies are gray, as they usually… Continue reading Unexpected Opportunity

Forest Floor Muffins

The ice storm arrived here after midnight, so we awoke to a sparkling world. The sparkle was brief though, because very soon the snow began to fall, making everything white, and surprisingly, not all that slippery. We did not lose power at any point. Today was another gray day. Having baked bread last weekend, there… Continue reading Forest Floor Muffins