Lately my body has been speaking to me in a new language. This is another epiphany, reality once more catching me unawares. How is it that this knowledge comes to me by revelation? If it was woven into the collective warp and weave, I have not felt its warmth. If it was there in the… Continue reading Metamorphosis

Barometric Pressures

Barometric Pressures – Maggie Turner Atmospheric change, the quality of the air, the sky, and sound have shifted. I feel new energy, strange and electric, with every intake of breath. And deep within, there is a loss, a sudden empty cavern, waiting on each breath. So it is, after time divides. Sarah Tryon Smith passed… Continue reading Barometric Pressures

A Remembrance Day Poem 2012

Remembrance Day 2012 War by Maggie Turner The only war I know is where I live and my children grow is in my house and down the street in office buildings where the powerful meet. This war ‘s not fought with guns per se it’s invisible in the day-to-day the bruises hidden the despair masked… Continue reading A Remembrance Day Poem 2012

Change of Scene

Snow all around us, coming down, blowing across, whipping up occasionally. It is so mild that great loads of snow plummet two stories to land with a great whumph!, as they slide from the metal roof. A good day to sit safe indoors. Which I have been doing a bit too much of lately, sitting… Continue reading Change of Scene

WORDS: a poem

Early morning, just after first light, is the most delightful time of day. This morning it is -22C, and yet the maple tree growing just outside my window, that stands tall in the sun, dares tips of budding red. Its branches reach towards the light knowingly. Spring will come. I am feeling rather fine this… Continue reading WORDS: a poem