Change of Scene

Snow all around us, coming down, blowing across, whipping up occasionally. It is so mild that great loads of snow plummet two stories to land with a great whumph!, as they slide from the metal roof. A good day to sit safe indoors. Which I have been doing a bit too much of lately, sitting that is. This will change as of next week, when I work almost every day until the beginning of April. A blessing to be working, and good exercise to boot.

This afternoon Attila helped me move my desk. The monitor faced the sliding glass doors and the daytime glare was significant. I sat with my back to the door. Now I am facing the windows and the monitor is facing the wall; much better. The arrangement also facilitates watching Netflix on the computer, as the easy chairs are setup up perfectly to view the monitor. We are trying Netflix, and have enjoyed it. The first high-speed bill reflecting our use of Netflix will determine if we continue to use the service.

Caitrìona called this morning from Florida, she is coming home next week. She has had a nice time, and would rather stay a few weeks more but the arrangements didn’t work out as she had hoped. Our gain, their loss.

Friday and Saturday were a little rough. Everyone I came into contact with was feeling a bit out of sorts. Also, I found myself on the silent end of social media, which I hadn’t experienced before, because I never invested any time or interest in social media before. I’m still feeling my way around in places like Twitter and Facebook, it isn’t always a warm fuzzy place. Lots of people I don’t know and never heard of, buzzing around making friends with each other. Facebook seems like a busy downtown street, where you can sit unnoticed for hours watching people pass by.

Attila and I have been doing the lets-stay-in-our-cave thing. Two fires thus far today have warmed the living space, Mist is a happy cat. The new desk location affords a fantastic view of white dusted pine trees and snow slowly drifting out of the sky. Moving the desk was a great idea; small change, big difference.

I am considering writing an ode to cabin fever.


-3 °C
Condition: Cloudy
Pressure: 101.3 kPa
Visibility: 16 km
Temperature: -3.0°C
Dewpoint: -4.9°C
Humidity: 87 %
Wind: S 11 km/h
Wind Chill: -7


“I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.”
Michel de Montaigne
1533 – 1592