A Remembrance Day Poem 2012

Remembrance Day 2012 War by Maggie Turner The only war I know is where I live and my children grow is in my house and down the street in office buildings where the powerful meet. This war ‘s not fought with guns per se it’s invisible in the day-to-day the bruises hidden the despair masked… Continue reading A Remembrance Day Poem 2012

Progress All Around

It is a lovely morning out there this morning. Sunshine. Birds singing. Dump trucks dumping gravel next door, ah the sounds of progress. Attila has been busy moving his mountain, he works till dark every night after dinner. This past week I’ve been busy updating web sites and tackling my own mountains, mountains of telephone… Continue reading Progress All Around

intolerable sense of disgrace

Kermit the Frog used to say “it isn’t easy being green”. Some environments are more tolerant of green folk than others, some paths more attuned to the land they traverse. There are times, in this life we lead in the bush, that I feel imprisoned by the tight social fabric around us; so much space,… Continue reading intolerable sense of disgrace