We were lucky children. There were few books in our world. There was no local library, and only a few precious purchased books in the house. BUT, we had my mother and that made all the difference. She read and recited poetry, told us short stories and sang songs to send us off to sleep… Continue reading Poetry

Christmas 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day! We travelled to our little house in the city on Christmas Eve Day for an overnight visit so that we could spend a little time with Terra and Lares on Christmas morning after Terra got home from work. She worked overnight Christmas Eve and enjoyed it, she… Continue reading Christmas 2012

Flu Three

This is my third day suffering from the flu. I am keeping a record of it because it is unusual for me to feel this horrid. That is a very lucky thing. My temperature is down to 37.6 without taking Tylenol. That is still a little above normal, but I am thinking clearly so it… Continue reading Flu Three

Flu Two

I am sitting in my easy chair, surrounded by kleenex, glasses of water and the thermometer. I managed to sleep for five consecutive hours last night and feel much better for it. However, my temperature was higher this morning than it was yesterday, 39. The nausea, nasty cough and headache persist. I have no appetite… Continue reading Flu Two