Forever and the Parallax Effect

The weather has gone from -34C yesterday morning to -5C this morning! Tropical! Forever Dressing after the morning shower, the concept of forever hit me between the eyes. The clothing in the closet may possibly last for the rest of my life, which is my personal forever. When my time comes, tomorrow will not be… Continue reading Forever and the Parallax Effect

Community Transition

Yesterday, my first day back at the country house, was a transitional day. Transitional days are not my favourite days, but if I want to gad about, then I must tolerate transitional days, they go with the territory. Attila is still recovering from his session with Hogweed, and had asked me to purchase an antihistamine… Continue reading Community Transition

Progress All Around

It is a lovely morning out there this morning. Sunshine. Birds singing. Dump trucks dumping gravel next door, ah the sounds of progress. Attila has been busy moving his mountain, he works till dark every night after dinner. This past week I’ve been busy updating web sites and tackling my own mountains, mountains of telephone… Continue reading Progress All Around