A Remembrance Day Poem 2012

Remembrance Day 2012

by Maggie Turner

The only war I know
is where I live and my children grow
is in my house
and down the street
in office buildings
where the powerful meet.

This war ‘s not fought with guns per se
it’s invisible in the day-to-day
the bruises hidden
the despair masked
from professional predators
with careers made fast.

This war’s on integrity
honesty, truth,
the bullying school yard
the media proof,
the smirking sly smiles,
of ambition’s glass roof.

This is the only war I know,
what weapons will win it
what vision will show
that the war in our midst
is the one that will grow

It spreads from the hearts
of the greedy and small
engulfs the stout hearted
fells those who stand tall.

Look to your small life
keep kindness in sight
recognize your compatriots
and target the fight
on the heights of rapacity
and the glamour of might.

[a work in progress, wrote it this morning, good to be writing poetry again]