Attila Eats With Me

It seems in the last post, and in this post, I am trying to reorient myself to reality. As always, when I spend a great deal of time dealing with issues far from the cocoon of safety Attila and I call home, disorientation can develop. The summer has been eventful and stressful, with the arrival… Continue reading Attila Eats With Me


During this visit to the little house in the city, I have had, for the first time in a very long time, the opportunity to explore some interesting social groupings in my immediate surroundings. The little house is located near two larger cities, both about a thirty minute drive from the house, on good roads.… Continue reading Curiosity


Anaphylaxis is a life changing condition, a powerful force in one’s life that is invisible to others. You will find my allergen in a high percentage of food available in the grocery stores, could be anywhere in restaurants, but medicines are the real terror as they are not required to list non-medicinal ingredients and usually… Continue reading Anaphylaxis