Thoughts On Frank Harris’ Biography “Oscar Wilde”

When: 1915 Where: England Who: Frank Harris, Author of Oscar Wilde by Frank Harris, page 71Dell Publishing Co. Inc., 750 Third Avenue, New York 17, NY., First Dell printing – October 1960, Printed in the U.S.A. Frank Harris, in “Oscar Wilde”, page 71. “The road to power or influence in England is full of pitfalls… Continue reading Thoughts On Frank Harris’ Biography “Oscar Wilde”

Apple Season

Attila and I visited our little house in the city over the last weekend. Attila built a planter for the front corner of the house. It is decorative, and will look wonderful with blooming flowers next spring/summer/autumn. But the real reason it has been constructed is to provide insulation for the foundation at the corner… Continue reading Apple Season


The days are beginning to blend. With no regularly scheduled activities in the outside world the days begin to run into each other, broken only by Attila’s occasional day off work. It reminds me of summers during my childhood, when weeks passed without any contact with the outside world, and days grew slowly along with… Continue reading Meander

I want, I want, I want!

Thursday I worked a full day with a wonderful woman. I find that I look forward to any day I am working with her. She is diligent, intelligent, has oodles of common sense and is basically kind hearted. There are no unnecessary confrontations with customers on her watch and she breezes through sales interactions with… Continue reading I want, I want, I want!