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new sofa
The new sofa.
When we moved into our country house we purchased a sofa from IKEA that pulled out into a large bed. It has been in almost constant use, as a bed. We moved it to our little house in the city and have been sleeping on it there ever since. That left us with no sofa at the country house. We have two chairs and that has worked for us, when we are alone. But, if anyone comes to call, we cannot offer them a place to sit in the living room.

While visiting our little house in the city we managed a shopping trip to search for an additional sofa. Our first consideration was comfort. Second was size, it is going to need to fit nicely into our tiny little house in the city, someday. We have been looking for years, and finally a few weeks ago found a little “love seat” sofa that is very comfy and folds out into a double bed, and it is compact in size. It was delivered Wednesday. First thing I covered it with a favorite blanket that is printed with wildflowers, each labelled with their common name. Then I covered the two loose cushions with pillow cases that matched the blanket. All this in order to accommodate Mist, who sheds a lot of hair. Then all three of us, Attila, Mist and I, cuddled up on it, minutes after the delivery fellows drove away. Mist purred, and so did we, well almost.

Another quiet day here in the country. The summer people have all but left, there are a few hold outs, one can see them out walking during the day. It is quiet in the village, and the roads are comparatively free of traffic, just local workers now.

We have begun the time of year when Attila leaves before light, but thankfully arrives home before dark. When winter arrives he will leave before light and return after darkness falls. Such are the seasons.

The onset of shorter days is always marked by a new routine. Attila leaves lights on all over the house when he leaves, because it is dark when he leaves. After he has left for work, I wander around the house turning off most, but not all, lights. It is usually hours before there is enough natural light to work by, so the lamps in the living area remain lit until the day progresses.

Long after Attila has left for the day, light seeps into the sky and through the window.
I have been waking in the early hours again, unable to return to my dreams. Sometimes I arise and do a bit of work on the computer, or putter around in the kitchen. Other times I simply relax in the bed and listen to the night sounds (when the window is open) or just daydream until either Mist or Attila stir. I love a good night’s sleep, but right now that just is not happening. I am optimistic that restful nights will return; patience is required.

I continue to stand as I work on the computer. What a difference it makes! I find that I do not want to sit down, but have to do so occasionally so that I do not tire myself out completely. It is so simple to wander away from the computer when it is busy doing its thing, to take up some other task that needs doing in the physical world. And I feel so much better. I am in a lot less pain, which is a bonus of moderate activity. I have been shedding a few pounds as well, not a lot, not quickly, but every little bit that goes improves my general health.

We have entered heating season. The morning fire has become a part of the routine again, to Mist’s absolute delight. I notice that after enjoying the heat she heads downstairs to the unheated area to curl up and sleep the day away. She is getting old, we estimate that she is at least 16 years old. She seems a bit stiff for a few minutes after she rises from a long sleep, but other than that she is very healthy. Many days she has a “crazy cat” session where she charges around the room, chasing shadows or perhaps cobwebs.

Place, such a small word for something so essential to human existence.

Worldly Distractions


7 °C
Condition: Cloudy
Pressure: 101.0 kPa
Visibility: 16 km
Temperature: 7.1°C
Dewpoint: 5.8°C
Humidity: 91 %
Wind: SE 17 km/h


“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”
Vernon Howard