Oh What A Beautiful Day

I continue to attack the mildew odour in Iris’ cushions. The worst affected are the back cushions of the dinette. The foam has been removed from the covers, the covers washed and one of the foams was soaked and washed. This morning the covers still retained a memory of mildew, and the foam has not… Continue reading Oh What A Beautiful Day

Summery Days

Yesterday the weather was wonderful, sunny, warm, a light breeze, couldn’t ask for better. Attila finished the transplanting, it makes the front of the house look more finished, prettier. I spent my day trying to get the smell of mildew out of the backing on the naugahyde cushion bottoms. These are the original 1977 cushions,… Continue reading Summery Days

April Snow Showers

Friday, April 1, 2016 At last, here we are in April. This year April is feeling a little shy, arriving with warm breezes and showers, only to take a brief retreat into sub-zero temperatures and snow for her first week debut. This week has been the week of legal and financial arrangements in regards to… Continue reading April Snow Showers