1. WendyNC

    What a project! That discard process can be tough, but I’m glad the two of you got it sorted. I find I quickly weary of the decision process with such a task and shift into, “when in doubt, throw it out.” Careful consideration is much harder.

  2. Wendy, luckily, or perhaps not, a lot of the stuff was so water damaged, and/or covered with mould, that most of the decision making came fairly easily. I haven’t missed the stuff since 2015 when we moved, so I wasn’t feeling much pain tossing it. I was disappointed that my Corelle tea plates didn’t show up. I think Attila left them at the Country House, he said he “may” not have got everything when he loaded the truck (the second truck!), I’ll take that as some boxes got left behind. Oh well!

  3. I haven’t checked your Recipes pages, but your iPot recipes/meals sound yummy – will you be memorializing them on your Recipe pages? I did not use mine today. This may be a first since I got it.

  4. Bex, I haven’t posted any of the recipes I’ve tried, not yet. Today’s Chicken Cacciatore was not to my liking, it was wholesome, passable, but not a recipe I’d replicate. Back to the drawing board on that one! I am cooking without salt, which makes creating a tasty dish very challenging!

  5. Sandy

    I’m amazed that Attila can move some of those bigger pieces of wood by himself, even when he cuts them down. Your meals always sound delicious. Have you ever considered doing an InstaPot (or other) cookbook?

  6. Sandy, I was amazed that he moved them as well. The trick, he says, is to “roll” them. Still hard work if you ask me!

    Thanks re the Instant Pot meals! I could do a cookbook, that is an idea, and it would be fun to do! The real clincher is what software to use, I will have a look around!

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