Wild Flower

This morning I picked Queen Anne’s Lace, a wild flower from the “lawn”. It isn’t thriving, the blooms are airy and delicate this year. They are so pretty, sitting in a white mug of water beside the Heliopsis in the vintage Coca Cola glass. The sun is peeking out from time to time. Although the… Continue reading Wild Flower

Love These Weekends!

We had a busy weekend. Oh how I love the sound of that sentence! On Saturday we attended a family event to celebrate the engagement of my niece. My Sister-The-Youngest-Girl and Beau Bob organized and hosted the happy event, great food, wine, and good company, a winning combination. My Mom and my five brothers and… Continue reading Love These Weekends!

The Great Dishwasher Installation Saga

When we bought Mist Cottage many people were looking at it, because it was so inexpensive and in such a great neighbourhood. But no one was interested in buying it, there was just so much work to be done. Most people would have just torn it down and started over, but not us! Here was… Continue reading The Great Dishwasher Installation Saga