The Storm After The Calm

The past winter was longish, quiet that stretched off into the distant unknown. Calling it calm, as I have, may be overstating the level of activity during that period of life, and the pandemic. Spring came. Vaccinations came. We are still isolating except for Attila having to go to work. With spring came the big… Continue reading The Storm After The Calm

First Harvest

Surprise! Attila left a surprise on the kitchen counter for me yesterday evening. Our first crop harvest for 2021. I immediately set to work, trimming, washing, dicing, making a pie filing, and then baking Rhubarb Squares using half of the diced Rhubarb. The other half was packaged in a labelled plastic bag and popped into… Continue reading First Harvest

The Little Black Fly

I was lucky enough to spend Mother’s Day with my Mom. My Sister-The-Youngest-Girl is staying with her Beau Bob at the moment while they renovate her kitchen. Beau Bob kindly let us come to stay for a night, and hosted a family celebration with my Mom, my two sisters and my niece and fiancé. My… Continue reading The Little Black Fly

I Love The Month of May

There are a lot of reasons I love the month of May. One is that my Mom’s birthday falls in the the month of May, and I love my Mom. Another is that Mother’s Day falls in the month of May, and I love my Mom. Spring weather is another reason I love the month… Continue reading I Love The Month of May

Oh What A Beautiful Day

I continue to attack the mildew odour in Iris’ cushions. The worst affected are the back cushions of the dinette. The foam has been removed from the covers, the covers washed and one of the foams was soaked and washed. This morning the covers still retained a memory of mildew, and the foam has not… Continue reading Oh What A Beautiful Day