Busily Recuperating

The summer cold continues to plague me, although the symptoms lessen slowly over time, I am still struggling to keep up my fluids, and go through boxes of tissues. I was only up twice last night coughing, an improvement. This is one miserable cold! My energy levels are definitely down, but I am managing to… Continue reading Busily Recuperating


February is fleeing. The landscape speaks the language of change; the snow is drifting down, the pines are swaying. Winter is beautiful. This is very first February, since we moved to the country, that I have not been visited upon by cabin fever. How wonderful it is! The second night of drying did not completely… Continue reading Choices

The Limes of Winter

Lime juice squeezed from the leftover scraps after slicing the limes for the dehydrator. This morning it was -19C outside the kitchen window, and it the wind is gusting to 40 kmh, bringing the wind chill factor in at -26C. Attila works outside all day, so these cold days are not very pleasant for him.… Continue reading The Limes of Winter