Driven Wicked!

Tomorrow is Saturday, and the first of two challenging work weeks is almost, but not quite, over. I work alone tomorrow, and the day has real potential for being a pleasant one. Fingers crossed. One more week! Cold again! The low temperature is predicted as -19C; already the house feels chilly. Two more really cold nights to come after tonight, and then it seems from the reports that the temperatures will rise and reach the average day and night time temperatures for the season. It is spring, but both Attila and I know that there is no such thing as spring in March where we live. April, ah yes, April, a delightful month. The flashing lights on the car have been dealt with. Yesterday afternoon was sunny, the roads clear and dry, so I drove to the city where the car dealership took very good care of the car, and of me. Apparently the car needed a “software update”, that is all that was wrong with it. I sure hope it doesn’t need many of these software updates, they require a visit to the dealership, and a half tank of gasoline to get there and back. An expensive proposition with … Continue reading

You Can’t See Me

It was very cold here last night. The house is a bit cooler but still comfortable. The sun is shining! This should provide some additional heat, since I’ve opened up the blinds on the south side of the house. The situation in Japan continues to haunt. Why so more than the situation in Libya? I’m not sure, but I think it is because the makings of war are so far removed from public opinion, in my view, that there is little to be gained by voicing an opinion. In the case of nuclear disaster, well, that is something I do hope is subject to influence by public opinion. This may be a naive fantasy. I’m only human after all. Another factor affecting my focus, is that while the war in Libya is “over there”, the threat of nuclear disaster is everywhere, including “here”, my “here”, and your “here” and the “here” of most other humans and life forms on the planet earth. The factor of time is also relevant to me, my distant descendants most likely will not be affected by the actual conflict in Libya; they may be affected by nuclear waste. The child who covers their eyes and … Continue reading

A Little Bit of Fun

Home sweet home. I’ve three days crossed off my calendar for this week, three more to go, then another week of crossing off the days and April will be here! I have no work in April, good, bad, good, bad… you get the picture. It was chilly out there today, and beautiful. Attila, who works out of doors, said the breeze was brisk. It looked beautiful though, sunny with playful breeze; that is what I saw from the comfort of a heated building with large windows. I was going to drive south the take the car in for servicing; tried Monday, freezing rain; tried Tuesday, ended up working for the afternoon to cover for an emergency there; tried today but reports from drivers were that the road conditions to the south were poor; will have to try tomorrow. If I can’t get to the dealership we can’t travel to our little house in the city. I have my fingers crossed. The interior temperature in our house is beginning to drop as the temperature outdoors falls. Our supply of wood is shrinking fast, Attila has to work very hard to find enough wood for two firings a day. Still, he is … Continue reading

The good old days…

Well, today could have gone better. It did not. It is over. I survived. I enjoyed my dinner and since I slept like a baby last night, I hope to do it again tonight. Yes, it isn’t pretty at work, but what is truly surprising to me is that, I just don’t care. I get upset in the moment, at work, and have been able to leave it all there when I come home. I’ve been here before. When I knew I was going to have a painful session with the dentist, big needles, big pain, lots of fear, I found a way to cope. The time I spent at the dentist’s office became the known nightmare, a fixed point of pain in time and space. Until I had to be in it I could forget about it, when I was in it I could hate it with all my being, then when it was over I could forget about it. Work, it seems, has become a known nightmare in my life, like needles in my mouth at the dentist’s office. Numb is working for me, perhaps the word is stupefied, a rose by any other name. Winter is not … Continue reading


I wrote a whole post, got distracted looking at another site and closed the window for my entry by mistake. Poof! Gone forever. LOL I’m looking out the windows this morning at a chilly world. It was -10C when I arose at 5:12 this morning, now it is a warm -2C, with a hint of sunshine, just enough sunshine to melt the snow that sits on the deck. Because it is so warm today, I have opened all the blinds, as heat loss from the windows is not a serious concern. With the blinds open it is like sitting in a treehouse, but warmer, a little bit warmer at least than it is outside, and not nearly so windy. At breakfast we were serenaded by hollow rat-a-tat-tatting of a large pileated woodpecker, who is drawn to the pine tree in the front yard, that is, what is left of the pine tree in the front yard. The top thirty feet of the the pine tree came down in a wind storm a few seasons ago, destroying my little Argosy trailer when it landed directly on its roof. We left the remaining dead trunk standing, and it has evolved into a … Continue reading