Spring at Last

Spring has arrived in full force! The leaves have burst out over the last week or so and are growing larger and larger, day by day. There are wonderful smells in the forest, as green things spring to life. The wild cherry blossoms have a particularly lovely scent. The black flies are atrocious and the mosquitoes thick and hungry. On Saturday last I was out on my temporary part-time job and walked about 30 km or perhaps more. It was a beautiful day, sun shining, warm… I was drenched in deet to protect myself from the hordes of black flies and mosquitoes. I completed my list of things I was instructed to do, in ten and a three quarter hours of constant walking, no breaks, 15 minutes for lunch. I was exhausted. Enough was enough. I resigned the next morning. So, now I have one full-time job and one part-time job. Quite enough! Life has been busy, with work, but we have also enjoyed a few visits with people we love to see and spend time with. After ending my short relationship with the people at the temporary part-time job, Attila and I headed over to Harriet and Hogan’s cottage … Continue reading

Not much exciting…

OK, I had a day off last week, Sunday. I spent it picking up sopping grass patties from the yard and nodding off while Attila drove to and from the little house in the city. Here it is, the long weekend. The roads are packed with travelers coming to our neck of the woods. The stores are busy. The population here is about to swell one hundred fold. [Oops, I almost forgot to mention the private planes used by some of the cottage owners to ferry themselves back and forth from their other residences to their lakeside estates, one just noisily flew overhead, how could I forget them!] I’ll be working. Attila will be working. I’ll be struggling to get as much work done as I can, so that I might get a day off by Monday. This is the last really big push at my new part-time job, then it will wind down slowly and end by the summer. May has been a crazy month. The bills are paid. Life is good. I’m not aware of much these days, as I seldom come up for air, working, working, working. Our world smells wonderful just now. It has been a … Continue reading


What a week! I worked at my full-time job all week, and had the evenings off, which was wonderful. I worked at my old part-time job on Friday and Saturday. Attila worked his usual six day week. On Sunday last I finally had a whole day off work, the first since Easter Monday. Attila and I made a whirlwind trip to the little house in the city. It rained cats and dogs, it was a deluge! The lawn looked a bit like a hayfield the grass was so high. Despite the rain, this was Attila’s opportunity to cut the grass, so that is what he did in the pouring rain. Attila cut the grass. Most of the cut grass formed largish green wads that looked a lot like cow pies. Attila and I laboured for hours and hours to pick up and/or rake up these clumps of wet cut grass. We deposited them across an area in the back yard where we plan to plant a garden. The cut grass will kill the grass and weeds below it and hopefully we will have a high nitrogen area in which to plant our first small garden. We worked very hard while … Continue reading

Moving Along Nicely

I’ve worked every day since April 25th. Still moving along nicely. What I am thinking about this morning, May 10, 2011 at 6:15 a.m.: Odd to think, really, that what other people see when they look at you is an image you seldom take the time to explore, and can only do so in a mirror. Our natural state is to not see ourselves as other’s see us, but to see ourselves as we are reflected in the reactions of others. In my youth there was tremendous pressure to wear makeup and pay close attention to clothing and how one appeared to others. It felt unnatural, I think it was unnatural. I was not a woman who appreciated whistles or comments of approval on my appearance, always found these things insulting and demeaning. I abandoned interest in such things as makeup and dress codes when I was in my early twenties, never looked back, never regretted it. I think we are all round pegs being hammered into square holes. The material we are made of determines how misshapen the life path becomes as the pressure is applied. Now I must get ready to leave for work. And later this week, … Continue reading

Catching Up

I ended up working on Sunday, Mother’s Day. It wasn’t for too long, but it meant that I didn’t get to disengage from the demands of paid labour. I did get to talk with the girls, and my Mom, and my sisters, so it was a wonderful Mother’s Day. I am looking forward to next weekend, when I hope to have a few days off. I am not working tonight, so when I got home from my full-time job I was able to sit down and put my feet up. Luxury! We had a beautiful sunny day today, warm too, or so I’m told. It is still lovely out there, even now as the evening creeps up on us. It is time to let the masonry heater discharge for the spring and summer season. With great relief, we will no longer have daily firings. Attila has been taking down small dead trees from the back of the property to keep us warm this spring, and at last his nightly forays can be abandoned. We have ordered firewood for next winter’s heat, and it will arrive after the load limits for the roads are lifted. Then the task of moving all … Continue reading