I am feeling much better, after quite a run with that miserable cold. The cough is almost gone and I’ve been sleeping through the night every night, getting some much needed rest. We drove to the doctor’s office for our flu shots on Monday evening, it is a two hour trip, one hour there, one… Continue reading Better

Still Here, But Just

Just an entry to boldly state that I’m still here and kicking. I’ve been working six days a week, and feeling it. Another month of six days a week and then I think I’ll start turning down work for Saturdays and give myself a real weekend to rest. On October 27 I came down with… Continue reading Still Here, But Just


Today we travelled to visit with my Mom, my sisters and my cousin and two of her children. I have not seen my cousin for almost two decades… maybe more, I can not remember the last time we saw each other. Attila and I drove three hours each way for the event, which was well… Continue reading Eventful


Attila and I have enjoyed two weeks vacation this autumn. Attila isn’t allowed to take vacation days between April 1 and August 31, which leaves us with either winter, early spring or autumn. Autumn wins, hands down. As it was last year, this year our vacation was spent renovating. The weather was amazing, wonderful, great… Continue reading Vacation