Last summer I tried to grow a garden on the deck at our country house.  We only harvested a few tomatoes and not much else  It was extremely disappointing. This past summer we planted a small garden at our little house in the city.  We got a healthy crop of zucchini and more than a… Continue reading Naturally

Back to Dialup

I am not happy with Rogers Internet service at the moment, actually I am waiting until 9:00 am to cancel the service.  What am I saying, all I am canceling is the bills, there is no service. In July is became difficult to maintain a connection.  Then it got worse, and it kept getting worse.… Continue reading Back to Dialup

Short But Sweet

Friday, September 16, 2011 I’ve just worked five days and day number six is tomorrow. It has been a relatively good week, there were even a few very good days at work. I enjoyed it while I could. Attila and I are going to see the GrandBabies this weekend. The visit will be short but… Continue reading Short But Sweet

Easier said than done!

Attila and I took a one week vacation from work. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it. I looked forward to it so very much. And now it is over. What did we do during our one week of rest and relaxation. We scraped, power-washed and sanded four layers of exterior paint from our little house in the… Continue reading Easier said than done!


Here it is almost 5:00 am and I am wide awake! Why? Since 3:00 am this morning I’ve been pondering an incident that occurred at work yesterday. I missed an important call, luckily my supervisor in head office caught it, called me and gave me a heads up. I am responsible for dispatching, among hundreds… Continue reading Overtime