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I am not happy with Rogers Internet service at the moment, actually I am waiting until 9:00 am to cancel the service.  What am I saying, all I am canceling is the bills, there is no service.

In July is became difficult to maintain a connection.  Then it got worse, and it kept getting worse.  Four days ago it only worked a few minutes off and on.  I called tech support, created a ticket, waited to hear back.  The next day I received a message to call again so that they could collect details.  I did that, talked for a long time, did everything they asked me to do.  The friendly fellow told me they would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours.  That time period ended yesterday, no call, no message.  No Internet connection at all this morning!

So I called tech support again, the ticket had been closed by someone, stamped resolved.  As far as Rogers is concerned I can continue to pay over $50 a month for no service at all, that is fine by them.

It isn’t OK with me though.

I called to cancel, the line said call later and disconnected.  So I called tech support again to cancel, they said call again after 9:00 am to cancel.

I have purchased a dialup connection from a smaller company in the area and was up and running in ten minutes.  That is why I can make this entry.

So, no Skype, no Netflix, no FaceBook, no uploading pictures for this blog and a lot of web pages simply will not load in under five minutes.  BUT I can get my email now, and many web pages as well, so I’ll have to be content with that.

We are having the smaller company visit our property to determine if their high speed service will work here.  They won’t install anything without the assessment, thank goodness.  So we shall see.  There is an alternative that we know will work, but it is so expensive that we don’t really consider it, that is satellite.  Costs a lot to setup and is then over $100 a month, not within financial reach for us.

Muskoka Rocks!  This phrase has mulitple connotations as far as I’m concerned!

I am working this morning, and then I hope to see Harriet and Hogan.  They purchased flour and yeast for us at a mill we used to frequent when we lived in the southern part of the province.  They will drop it off for us and we will get to see them!  Works for me.

The muffler is still shot on Attila’s car and the washing machine is still broken. Lots more could go wrong, and probably will.  We have to pay enough attention to resolve these issues, but really they aren’t big problems.  Well, the muffler problem could escalate into a big problem, but it hasn’t yet, so we shall wait and see what happens.

We are going to forget all these issues and go on holiday, escape… to scrape paint and paint the exterior wall at the back of the little house in the city.

Why am I happy?  It’s a mystery.

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You are happy because now you can read your emails!