Here it is almost 5:00 am and I am wide awake!

Why? Since 3:00 am this morning I’ve been pondering an incident that occurred at work yesterday. I missed an important call, luckily my supervisor in head office caught it, called me and gave me a heads up. I am responsible for dispatching, among hundreds of other things.

So, after dreaming about the issue I woke up pondering what to do about it.

On my own computer, at home, I can download software that will do just about anything I need it to do. At home when I have an issue I can make decisions and deal with it instantly, so that I don’t have to think about it again. No stress.

On the computer at work I am on a terminal. I can configure some of the software, but I cannot install software solutions.

I”ve just Googled the keywords for the issue at hand and discovered a very sound solution, based on software that is already installed on the work computer. The problem will be solved by 8:10 am this morning, shortly after I arrive for work. I won’t miss calls anymore. This is a great relief.

If only I’d thought of all this last night! But for me, dreams are an important part of problem solving, as is the early morning pondering process. Hopefully I can now get back to getting a full night’s sleep!

My employers get wayyyy too much of my time!

And now I’m off to get ready for another day of work!

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Please advise your head office of your solution to the problem. Chances are you missed the call because you were working on another project, so this solution is something that you can pass on to other employees that may do this same job. Head office always likes it when employees find solutions to problems that occur. If it happened to you, it happened to someone else!


What a great idea Wendy, thanks!


Not Wendy, but you are welcome.


Crochetlady, oh dear! There is a real downside to uber-multitasking, this kind of error is definitely one of them. The tip was stellar, I’ve been using my little fix and it has made a good impression!