Today we travelled to visit with my Mom, my sisters and my cousin and two of her children. I have not seen my cousin for almost two decades… maybe more, I can not remember the last time we saw each other. Attila and I drove three hours each way for the event, which was well worth the trip.

When we arrived home around 7:00 PM there was a message on the answering machine. The woman I worked with, who had the massive stroke resulting in a coma, the negative coworker from previous journal entries, passed away yesterday. She was 46 years old.

I feel sincere sympathy for her life partner, who must be devastated. I feel sad this terrible thing has happened to her. I do hope she knew that people visited her, sat by her bedside, talked to her, stroked her hand and that local church members prayed for her. I sincerely hope she is in a happier place.

I wonder if her passing has anything to do with the weighted mood I have been experiencing this weekend. Possibly. There is no way to tell with any certainty.

Domestic matters have taken a turn for the better for us. Attila did manage to fix the washing machine, so his weekly costly trips to the laundromat are no longer necessary. It will be light loads for the next while though, until it is certain the machine is running well.

On the Internet front, apparently a few months ago DSL became available here; the slowest DSL going, but faster than dialup by far. I remember when we moved here, a Bell Canada representative told me with confidence that DSL would be in our area in a few months. More than seven years later, it has arrived. We are going to give it a whirl. The filters should be installed this week, then I will need to configure it. With any luck we will have a high speed Internet connection by middle of this week.

Attila has arranged with a friend to do some welding work on the muffler of our little car, the one that is 13 years old. I have my fingers crossed that this attempt to fix it will be successful. Attila doesn’t have to travel far with this car, but it is essential for getting to and from work. There is no public transit here.

Another work day is on the horizon. We are both quite tired from our travels, so an early night is in order.

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“No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.”
Lily Tomlin
1939 –

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Stubblejumpin' Gal

Perhaps it’s natural to feel some sympathy for anyone who dies at such a young age. But you’re very magnanimous, considering the hell your coworker put you through.


Thanks Kate. It is much easier to be sympathetic when I know that all danger, of future bullying, has passed. This is a gift from the universe, this freedom from fear, and I am using that gift to extend sympathy.