Still Here, But Just

Just an entry to boldly state that I’m still here and kicking.

I’ve been working six days a week, and feeling it. Another month of six days a week and then I think I’ll start turning down work for Saturdays and give myself a real weekend to rest.

On October 27 I came down with a doozy of a cold, compliments of a fellow worker, who is now off sick with pneumonia. This knocked him down and he is only in his thirties, so I feel quite impressed that I’m still up and fighting it at my age. I haven’t been really sick for almost twenty years, so this is a very shocking experience!

I’ve had lots of symptoms, congestion, sneezing, loss of voice, nose bleeds, cough, fever…

The last two nights I actually slept through the night, in a bed. Before that I’d been up most of the night, or grabbing a few winks through the night, sitting upright in a chair.

This week every day has seen some kind of improvement, thank goodness.

Nothing much new here, that I know or think of, because one doesn’t really notice very much in the world when firmly focused on one’s own nose!

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Take care of yourself. If your coworker had pneumonia, chances are he passed the bug to you, you just were able to fight it off so it didn’t settle in your lungs. Your “cold” is the pneumonia bug. Glad it didn’t knock you out. You are healthier than most!! Take care and drink plenty of water and fluids!


There’s a doozy going around here, too, many miles to the south. Glad you’re on the mend. Take care.


I hope you are feeling MUCH better soon!

Stubblejumpin' Gal (Kate)

Hope you collected some wild yarrow flowers this summer and can whip up a healing tea!


Thank you for all the good wishes, warm wishes and the smiles they create always mediate ill health.

I am happy to say that my condition improves each day, although my voice still echoes the illness. Just as well about that, because people where I work are well warned to keep their distance and save themselves.
I didn’t gather wild yarrow flowers Kate, although I could have if I’d been thinking. It is on my calendar for next summer now!!