Counting My Blessings December 17 2011

Blessing Counted for December 17 2011 Remembering how magical Christmas was when I was a child. My mother created magic for us with nothing to work with but love and determination. Merry Christmas Mom.

Makin’ Our Own

I just have to start, just start, writing again! The working world is swallowing my energy whole! There, there, I’m telling myself, I’m still here. I am writing, am I not? Attila and I have been working, working, working and little else. Every evening after dinner I attempt to clean off my desk, and after… Continue reading Makin’ Our Own

First Snow

I’ve known people to attempt escape from the unsavory aspects of life, retreating into alcohol, drugs, overeating, obsessive exercise and many other types of obsessions. Writing (and music, and other creative expression) I think is an opposite approach, an attempt to change the unsavory aspects of life, or at least to put them into proper… Continue reading First Snow