Makin’ Our Own

I just have to start, just start, writing again!

The working world is swallowing my energy whole!

There, there, I’m telling myself, I’m still here. I am writing, am I not?

Attila and I have been working, working, working and little else.

Every evening after dinner I attempt to clean off my desk, and after several weeks of daily effort I can actually see the bare surface, or some of the bare surface to be more accurate. My goal is to clear my large desk and then move to a smaller desk and dismantle the large desk. The smaller desk has been assembled, and is sitting beside the larger desk. So, in order to save space by using a smaller desk, I now have two desks in the middle of the living room, one large, semi-cluttered desk and one smaller, completely uncluttered desk sitting beside it. I think this could be the one step backward, after the two steps forward.

Attila and I both worked this morning, and then went to town for supplies right after lunch. Finally, before heading to the last store on our list, we looked at one another, nodded, got in the car and drove directly home. Enough is enough!

I’ve made a shocking discovery this week. Palmolive Dish Washing Liquid contains my allergen! Actually I am very grateful to Colgate for making this information available to the public. I tried to obtain the ingredients for other brands of dish washing liquid, with no luck.

Now I have to be careful of the dishes I eat from as well. When I eat out I almost always have to bring my own food, now I have to bring my own dishes!!! The words that come to mind are impolite, so I will not share them.

I have not read a label on dish washing liquid before, so on our shopping trip this afternoon I started. Shock. Every brand that I picked up had warnings to keep it out of the reach of children, and that it should not be used with bleach products. I do not want this chemical in my house. Where are the MSDS sheets for dish washing liquids!

Attila and I are going to attempt to make our own dish washing liquid. This may take some research and development. The project is not optional at our house. The recipe I found, and will try first, asks for glycerin, which we purchased on our shopping trip today. It also calls for essential oils, which were not offered for sale at any of the stores within reach. So, in addition to making our own dish washing liquid, we are going to make our own essential oil. Seems simple enough, but we shall see.

Worldly Distractions


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“We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people.”
Arthur Schopenhauer
1788 – 1860

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Oh, I share your frustrations with chemicals. After nearly a year of itching and sores, I’ve come to the possible solution. I think it’s the shampoo irritating me. Sodium lauryl sulfate is in almost every shampoo. I found one by Burt’s Bees that doesn’t have it. Hopefully the chemicals it does have are less irritating. In any case, no more soapy soaky baths for me.

Maybe just scrubbing and lots of rinsing would cleanse your dishes?

Stubblejumpin' Gal (Kate)

Do keep us informed on the outcome (also Joan, if you can get the herb soapwort, it is supposed to work for washing your hair; just plain soapwort and water!)(email me for details re how much of each, etc.) of your “cookin” will you?


Joan, for the past year or more I have been using pure Castile soap to wash my hair, and rinse well with a one part vinegar / two part water solution. It works very well, but I have to wash my hair every other day without exception.

Soapwort, great idea Kate. Do you think it would work as a surfactant in the dish soap recipe?


Thanks for the advice. Here in Yuma, we can’t even find Castile soap. But if the new shampoo doesn’t pan out, I guess Amazon sells Castile soap….:)


This is what I’ve been using with acceptable results. This is the basis for our dish washing liquid as well: