Paper Journal

January seems to be passing unnoticed, by me. In less than a week I will herald in February, the shortest month on the calendar, and often the longest month of experience, for those of us who live in the parts of the northern hemisphere, where winter demands all of our strict attention. I am settling… Continue reading Paper Journal

Snow Squall Warning

It stormed yesterday afternoon and last night, we got some snow. It is snowing out there this morning, and the snow squall warnings are still in effect. We are staying at home today, cozy and warm in front of a roaring fire. The weather has turned mild, our cold snap is over for now. This… Continue reading Snow Squall Warning

Preservation of Life

I kick-started my day with this thought expressed in a discussion I’ve involved myself in on Facebook: Economics is a field used to describe and quantify the distribution of goods and services in our world – it is based on a zero-sum assumption – “When the gains made by winners in an economic transaction equal… Continue reading Preservation of Life