Mini Winter

Monday, February 15, 2016 We lost power during the night. I would not have known, but for the flashing lights of the clocks on the range and the microwave in the kitchen, which caught my attention when I arose to put the kettle on for coffee this morning. There was a point in the night… Continue reading Mini Winter


It is snowin’ and blowin’ out there today! The wind is literally roaring around the house, 60 km/hr gusts announce themselves with great enthusiasm. I am taking the “you can’t see me” approach to this storm. You know, when you cover your eyes and say to the other person, “you can’t see me!” Yeah, right,… Continue reading Blizzard!


The blizzard arrived this morning. We were expecting it yesterday afternoon. Around six inches of snow fell over the course of the night. As morning light seeped through the white veil, the snowfall intensified, as did the wind. The wind has been literally roaring. With a wind chill of -33, three firings will be mandatory… Continue reading Blizzard

Maggie’s New Calendar of Wisdom

Attila had quite a time getting the car out of the driveway this morning. He was soon back for the metal shovel. It seems the little car he drives acted as a plough, so that after travelling a short distance the front tires of the car would become suspended on the snow packed under the… Continue reading Maggie’s New Calendar of Wisdom