Attila Visits Overnight

What used to work, doesn’t, not anymore. The way we organized our two homes was based on living in two places, the future unknown. Here we are, in the unknown future, merging two completely separate households. For instance, we used to keep the cutlery here in clean used tomato tins on the table, always available,… Continue reading Attila Visits Overnight

Fond Farewell Benny

A sad day today for our family. Luna’s dog Benny was bitten by a tick last spring, and her health has been deterioring ever since, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease shortly after she was bitten by the tick, the medication did not help in her case. She came to visit us on Sunday, with… Continue reading Fond Farewell Benny

November Rain

There is a lushness about a November rain, a striking, shimmering farewell of green. The last bright glimmers of life’s colour, before the white veil descends. So it has been today. Attila has it all! He is out there in the November rain, working, working, working. When Attila needs protective clothing for work he often… Continue reading November Rain