Day of Rest

Well, here we are of a Sunday, home the whole day through. The sky is cloudy, the ground is white and soggy. We have done laundry. We have done dishes. We will cook and do a bit of cleaning. We have had a heart to heart talk, something we find necessary every so often, cleans the nozzles of communication. Harriet called via Skype this morning and we caught up on each other’s news. There wasn’t anything earth shattering to discuss, which is just how I like it. Terra and Lares are preparing to spend time with Lares family, as they gather to honour Lares Grandfather, who is in palliative care. A sad time for Lares and his family. The bills are piling up beside my desk. I am now in a luxurious position, I feel satisfaction each time I glance their way; we will have the money to pay them before they are actually due. I restrict my power struggles to trivial matters like paying my bills; triumph! If I had a lot of money… a frequent topic of conversation. If I was going to be frivolous with money, this would be near the top of my frivolous heart’s desires: … Continue reading

The Day Slipped By

Morning Installment A quiet cup of coffee in front of a roaring fire is about all the excitement I can bear this morning. Attila and I are working today. We will both have a day off tomorrow. We thought about visiting our little house in the city this weekend, but snow/rain has been forecast for both today and tomorrow, which make the driving hazardous. We are both tired after a long week of miserable driving weather and in Attila’s case working outdoors in miserable conditions. In addition, another cold snap is due to arrive Sunday night, requiring additional diligence to the hearth fires on Sunday, to keep the house warm. The weather forecast for next weekend looks good though. We have our sites and hopes set on getting down to the little house in the city next weekend. Fingers crossed. Evening Installment The day got away on me. I worked a little later than anticipated, got home a little later than anticipated and then Attila and I headed for the village for supplies. It was past dinner time when we arrived home and we’ve been playing catch up ever since. Until now, that is. Attila is waiting patiently for me … Continue reading

Being Alive is Great

Morning Installment It is still raining out there, after raining all night. The driveway is ice/slush/water, but Attila got out without any trouble, so I expect to as well. The roads will be clear and wet for the drive into work. It is a beautiful drive. No matter how distracted I am at the thought of the work day ahead, on the drive in the universe always sends me some little sign that being alive is great. Sometimes it is field of mist and evergreens, sometimes a dear bounding across the highway in front of me, sometimes the sun doing a fan dance with the clouds… Attila and I watched the devastation of the earthquake (8.9) in Japan on the news this morning. The universe has many messages, one of them is that we must coexist with the natural world. The natural world is reminding all of us that we are not the centre of the universe, collectively; far from it. When I write a post in parts I’m never sure when to send out the notification. I am only allowed one missive per day. This morning I think I’ll send a notification out and hope to get back to … Continue reading

Quiet Day, Early Night

Today was a long day; I worked for six hours and am no longer accustomed to being on my feet for that long. I feel pretty good, all things considered. The office I’m working in for the next few days is a pleasant one, so I’m happy to be there. Rain, rain, rain! We received a lot of snow last night, and then the rain started. The road we live on was not plowed by the time we left for work this morning. It was quite a slushy mess; Attila got stuck part way down the driveway. It didn’t take him long to dig his way out, and he cleared the messy spot so that I could get through when I left a little later in the morning. It is still raining tonight, and the slush is thick and slippery in the driveway. The highways were bare and wet when I drove home from work. Attila and I are working every Saturday in March. Since March is such a dismal month when it comes to weather, we are both glad to be extremely busy. When we come up for air it will be April. A quiet day, an early night. … Continue reading

The Scent of Honeysuckle

This morning optimism hangs in the air like the scent of honeysuckle on a hot humid day. Why? That is unknown. Sometimes things just are the way they are, and the reasons present themselves in their own time and place. Yesterday the high speed Internet bill arrived in the mail. The young phone-answering employee at Rogers had told me that our account was a rare, unlimited usage account. I did not take him at his word though, and have been waiting for the bill to see for myself. We have been viewing programs on Netflix, so that our usage has been high for the last month. Our bill has not changed. We will continue viewing Netflix on the computer. The advantages to Netflix are multiple, in our situation. We have only basic television service, so that most of the programs are of little interest, or are aired at inconvenient times. Netflix allows us to view programs we like at our discretion, in our own time. Netflix allows more selection; their catalogue of programs is extensive enough that we have been able to find programs of interest on a regular basis. The only disadvantage we have found with Netflix on the … Continue reading