Morning Installment If I ever needed a bright sunny morning, it would be this morning. It has arrived, I am sitting in the sunshine, basking in it, as I sit at the keyboard. Attila and I will be home from work by lunch time. We will be sticking close to home because of the flashing warning lights in the car. Attila will continue to dig wood out from under the snow, as it is still falling below -10C at night, although the temperature was a balmy 11C during the day yesterday. Mist has already commandeered my easy chair for her morning nap. I’ve watered the plants and checked in at the usual web sites I visit in the mornings. I have Skype going, just in case, but usually there isn’t anyone on my contact list looking for company at this time on a Saturday morning, or most mornings for that matter. Funny thing, since Christmas I’ve only seen friends or relatives once, when Attila and I visited the little house in the city last month and visited with Terra and Lares when we were there. All my personal in-person contact with the outside world since then has been with people … Continue reading

The Pieces I Am

Today I worked at a different office, very pleasant, just a “one-off”. At the end of the day, tired, I dragged my paraphernalia out to the car, loaded it all in, walked around the car, opened the door and got in, started the car up and… lights started flashing on the dashboard. All kinds of yellowy orange icons blinked madly. A quick call to the dealership on the cell phone and I was reassured that I could drive it home. They encouraged me to bring the car in tomorrow morning. Apparently once those lights start flashing only they can turn them off. The shop is open tomorrow morning, I am working, Attila is working. We are off at noon, the dealership closes at noon. They recommended that we not drive to the little house in the city until they have a look at the car and turn off the flashing lights. They told me at the dealership where we bought the car that it is safe to drive, but not a good idea to take it on a long trip. Weekend plans scuppered! Monday the dealership is open again, so maybe Monday the car will make the two hour round … Continue reading

Here and There, Minute and Massive: Bad Energy is Bad Energy

The forecast for today is for warm and sunny weather! I will only be working for two hours, and fully intend to bask in the sunshine during the rest of the day. We continue firing the masonry heater twice a day, as it can still be quite cold at night. The low temperatures for the next few nights are predicted to be -11C, cold enough to need the heating system. I am grateful for the quality of my personal life and for the present stability of the area where I live. Bad energy is bad energy. At work the atmosphere is charged. The work load is light, so that there is ample time for my coworker’s endless striving for personal information to be used for her pursuits in “disowning projection” (see Notes below). My neck is so stiff with stress that I can barely turn my head. The medication I am taking to relieve my stomach pain is working. Daily I become more irritable with Attila, who is the faultless victim of my bad humour. On the surface, at work, it looks like we are “getting along”, which is all management wants to see, hear or deal with. I need … Continue reading

Captains of Industry

Devastating, the situation in Japan. Should be an eye opener to all of us, what the captains of industry have gotten us into, and how our governments are implicated. I feel a lot of compassion and respect for the general population of Japan. I feel disgust and contempt for the movers and shakers of industry, business and progress, worldwide. The fear of nuclear contamination is not generated by a war, it is created in the name of progress, aka greed, the very same progress that promotes nuclear power in Canada as a “green” alternative. The hubris of the powerful has been visited upon the meek. In my opinion, the powerful are invisible to the general public and self-protective, the politicians are glib, incredibly convoluted and cunning. History is written for the powerful. Knowledge is generated for the powerful. For all we know, humans existed in peaceful co-existence with each other and the planet, before this brief era of written history. The stories of our distant ancestors are buried in time. As a species we need leadership with integrity, not politics. There is a world of difference. Worldly Distractions Weather 1 °C Condition: Light Freezing Rain Visibility: 5 km Temperature: 1.0°C … Continue reading


Another work week has begun. Odd energy out there today. Not in the least unpleasant, but odd. Herself was pleasant, relatively speaking. Customer’s were patient and polite. Once I arrived home for lunch I even received a polite telephone call to tell me that I did not get a job, another job I had applied for, passed exams in flying colours for, been interviewed for, and apparently failed to procure despite my talent and suitability. The woman who called to disappoint me even generously offered to put me on an “available list” in case I might be chosen for a lesser paying position, by the person who actually got the position I was not hired to perform. It’s been odd. It has been sunny. One of the things I like about the office I work in is that there are a lot of windows and light surrounds all time spent in the building. Snow is melting steadily, and slowly. The driveway is almost clear and easy to get in and out of now. Another sunny day is expected tomorrow. For the next three weeks I’ll be putting one foot in front of the other, as I move through each day … Continue reading