Happy Endless Winter

Caitrìona arrived home from Florida on Thursday afternoon about 4:30 p.m. She left Florida on Wednesday morning, drove all the way to southern Ontario by herself. She arrived home, did a few little things and headed out the door to play bridge. What a gal! The roads here have been bad the last few days. I worked this morning and at one point on the drive, the car was sliding sideways off the road. Managed to keep it true though, and soldiered on. By the time I headed for home the roads were wet, but not slippery. Since arriving home we have received around two inches of snow. It is sticking to everything! The Internet connection conked out last night, and still wasn’t working this morning. A quick call to Rogers and the fellow did something mystical and it was suddenly working. I suspect that since we have been viewing Netflix our usage has increased significantly, and that they throttled the account, requiring a call in to get it “fixed”. Could be wrong though, maybe it was just all our lovely snow that brought the Internet down. I’ll never know. If winter won’t go away, then we will just have … Continue reading

Go Away Winter

Go away winter. Never mind the ink not flowing in the pens this morning, my fingers won’t move. I have to type everything in at least twice because my numb old fingers can’t find the right keys. Will this winter ever end! Homeless people are going to heaven for surviving this without any kind of shelter. God help them. I’m warming my cloths by the fireplace this morning, they should reach the toasty temperature of 14C beside the heater, if I’m lucky, before I have to put them on. I wanted to take a shower this morning, but it is just too cold in here to contemplate disrobing entirely and becoming wet. Today things are supposed to warm up out there, and by tonight the house may be warmer and more comfortable. I’ll have my shower tomorrow morning regardless of the indoor temperature, by that time getting clean again won’t really be optional if I want to go to work presentably. This week is due to be very cold, it will be a week to put behind us with pleasure. Here is someone I hadn’t heard of, but for the last episode of Northern Exposure. Once I had heard this … Continue reading

Indecisive Lion

Morning Installment Another working morning, thank goodness. This afternoon’s schedule includes a visit to the doctor for a prescription renewal and a wee bit of shopping; driving an hour there and an hour back at highways speeds. This morning I awoke to the roar of high winds, then it started to snow. The mercury is dropping and will bottom out at -21 tonight, or so they say. I believe it. Then it heads back up to above freezing by Friday. March is definitely coming in like a lion, quite an indecisive lion. Second Installment The visit to the doctor proceeded as expected, a few blood tests and good news all round. I’ve managed to reduce the dosage of both my medications and to maintain the level of benefit from them, not bad at all. My goal is to eventually eliminate the medications and maintain the level of benefit; a worthy goal, we shall see. It is cold out there tonight. Attila burned a fire in the little wood stove downstairs to keep the pipes from freezing tonight. This is one of those nights when warm in our bed, we will sleep deeply and sweetly. A recent musical discovery on my … Continue reading

March by Installment

Morning Installment The distant sky is pink with first light. Attila is making a lot of noise outside, with the snowblower, for which i am very grateful. Last night he removed the snow from my car, before we retired to our bed, so that this morning’s preparations for work will be minimized. It is the first day of March, we made it through the dark days of winter. At -19C this morning, winter is not over yet, but we can dream of spring now, it won’t be more than a matter of weeks before the snow will begin to retreat. Tomorrow night the temperature is to fall to -23C. This week will be one of struggling to maintain a reasonable temperature in the house. This morning it is 14C in the warmest part of the house, temperature falling quickly as one moves away from the masonry heater. We look forward to warmer days. I am heading out the door early this morning, because when it is this cold it takes time for the frost on the interior of the windows to melt/evaporate/sublimate or whatever is happening there, to allow one to see through the glass. Attila and I will arrive … Continue reading

Buckets of Snow

First light is just coming into the sky, the brightness aided by new fallen snow draped across the horizontal in seductive softness. The tree branches, outlined in white, stretch wide to receive the the late winter snow that plummets from the sky, clinging on contact, quickly obscured as each desperate flake falls upon another. Another morning begins. At last, it is the last day of February. Tomorrow I begin what is for me a marathon of work. I’ll miss me, as I slowly become sublimated in my customer service smile and accompanying small talk, which, while genuine, are not the whole of me. The rest of me is what I’ll come to miss, the me who thinks, who feels, who acts on impulse, explores thoughts and desire and so much more. That is the part of me that I’m going to miss for the month of March, 2011. This temporary departure from self will be short and relatively painless. When March is over the sun will shine stronger in the sky, and I will find a place to sit where the light can burn away the fog of pleasant small talk, to leave me dry and cogent and my whole … Continue reading