We are in hot water!

Friday, October 17, 2014 Funny when I think about it, when I was a kid, receiving at Christmas was all I thought about. It was magical, the thought that an entity existing in the “outside” world would be kind or generous in any way, Santa Clause was a myth with a heart. It wasn’t that… Continue reading We are in hot water!


Today’s forecast at the country house, that would be October 10, 2014: “Partly cloudy. 60 percent chance of rain showers changing to 60 percent chance of wet flurries before morning. Low plus 1.” Wet flurries, no! Too soon, too early, not yet… oh well. Hopefully this lot will melt on contact. I arrived home yesterday… Continue reading No!

There and Back Again

The ice storm last weekend was spectacular! Not here of course, we experienced a slight drizzle of ice that had little effect. We know about the incredible ice storm only because we drove through the aftermath on our trip down to the little house in the city. On Christmas Eve Day we headed out in… Continue reading There and Back Again