No Mutual Touching

Storm warnings in effect here for today, and sure enough it is snowing to beat the band and the wind is huffing and puffing to strip the heat out of the house. Attila couldn’t get into the driveway when he came home from lunch, the snow plow had been by and left a mountain of… Continue reading No Mutual Touching

Out of Step

I am still attempting to elicit a response, since January 24th, other than “he’ll get back to you”, from our lawyer. He holds funds in trust for us and I simply want to know if they were paid out to the government. This is not a complicated question, yes or no, so I fear that… Continue reading Out of Step

Cold Out There

Last night was a bit colder than expected, -29C at six this morning. Attila’s diligent attention to the hearth fires yesterday has succeeded in keeping the house reasonably comfortable. There is just a touch of chill in the air, in the house, this morning. I must dress warmly to stay comfortable. If I dress warmly… Continue reading Cold Out There

Cabin Fever

Suddenly we have cabin fever here; I have cabin fever. ¬†Curses! Besides the now ongoing challenge of cabin fever, life is pretty good. As often happens, the universe conspires to delight me in small ways. ¬†For instance, as I was glumly driving to work yesterday morning the sun suddenly illuminated a panorama of beauty, right… Continue reading Cabin Fever