Sick Day

Today is a sick day; I began to feeling not quite myself yesterday. Nausea, abdominal cramps, hot and cold sweats, shortness of breath… no fever. Luckily the air conditioner was installed in the bedroom window last night and I am able to sit in a relatively cool room with low humidity. The symptoms get worse… Continue reading Sick Day

Thunderstorms, maybe, maybe not.

This morning we have intermittent torrential rain, thunder, and intermittent power outages. I have the fans going, attempting to bring the cooler air into the house; they will suddenly stop whirling, falling silent, only to surge back into operation when the power returns. The sliding glass door leads to a deck, where the rain falls… Continue reading Thunderstorms, maybe, maybe not.

Open Windows

A Robin from Forty Feet Thunder booms, lightning flashes, rain pours from the sky, the metal roof hums in the falling rain. We are experiencing our first thunder storm of the season! I think of Attila working out of doors, and I shiver. The snow is very patchy, but still very deep in spots. Yesterday… Continue reading Open Windows