Plans! I make ’em, the universe changes ’em! A stay was planned for next week, at the little house in the city. Attila was going to drop me off and return in one week to fetch me home again. The whole plan was scuppered this morning by a telephone call. Another job interview has been scheduled for next week, who would want to miss that! Still, the weekend should be fun, as the trip down and back is now planned for three days and two nights. At this rate the renovations at the little house in the city could take over a hundred years! It is getting there that counts though, the process, and there is a lot of lovely process ahead of us. I like job interviews, but I don’t like to talk about job interviews. The interviews are always a positive experience, but are seldom fruitful. The only honest answer to “how did it go” is, I don’t know. For years there were no interviews, only applications disappearing into the great unknown. Progress has been made; job interviews are being scheduled. Now there are job interviews, but no offers of employment. If things keep going this way, job … Continue reading

Flowing White Hair

Last night, in my dreams, I rode a polar bear across a white and frozen landscape; resplendent in a richly hand embroidered and beaded, colourful, full length overcoat and long flowing white hair. Today should be a day of domestic goddessing. Maybe. Maybe not. The insurance company has just sent along an additional increase in insurance costs, the explanation being, “the government made us do this”. Smoke and mirrors. Regulations did not mandate that higher premiums must be charged for a value-reduced product. We have less insurance, we should be paying lower premiums. Gone are the days of childhood, when Mom took care of all this &%^$*. Thanks again Mom!! Cloudy with rain today. Eighteen years ago, on February the eighteenth, Attila and I moved into our first house in the big city, where we lived just before we moved to this country house. We liked that little house, we were married in that little house. The weather on the day we moved into that little house was warm and springlike; very similar to the weather we are experiencing right now. Winter came back that year, as it will this year. Spring will prevail. Worldly Distractions Weather -5 °C Condition: … Continue reading

WORDS: a poem

Early morning, just after first light, is the most delightful time of day. This morning it is -22C, and yet the maple tree growing just outside my window, that stands tall in the sun, dares tips of budding red. Its branches reach towards the light knowingly. Spring will come. I am feeling rather fine this morning. The bills are paid, all the little ones and all the big ones too; for now. I am happy, for now. Thoughts can wander elsewhere in this haven of enough for now. Playing around with rhythms and words; a poem emerged. Inspiration came from a spotlight article on etsy that was posted by a musician, an acquaintance on Facebook. The clock says it is just past nine a.m. and it has already been a busy morning; I haven’t moved from my chair since breakfast. WORDS by Maggie Turner, 2011 time detail discipline devise heart insight clarity combine ignite entertain delight art Worldly Distractions Weather -22 °C Condition: Clear Pressure: 103.1 kPa Visibility: 16 km Temperature: -22.0°C Dewpoint: -24.0°C Humidity: 84 % Wind: calm Quote “We have to fight them daily, like fleas, those many small worries about the morrow, for they sap our energies.” … Continue reading

House Fly

Another sure sign that spring is on the way: a house fly buzzing around the light fixture in the bathroom. He is no more. This morning the temperature is 1C, above freezing. By mid morning the temperature will drop to below freezing and we will have a flash freeze. Tonight the temperature will fall to -19C. Earth’s mood swings can be a challenge to deal with. It has just occurred to me that I have created an entry featuring the house fly on Valentines Day. One of the last great romantics, that’s me! I think it stems from an attempt to ignore candy (too many calories), to ignore romantic dinners at nice restaurants (allergy prevents restaurant dining), to ignore clinking glasses of champagne (wines contain my allergen). One truly gets into the spirit of ignoring what is not advisable, it seeps into the bones. Sensible me. Attila and I are beginning to plan our next short visit to the little house in the city. We were last there at Christmas, almost two months ago. It was our intention to visit frequently this winter, but the Sunday weather and/or driving conditions prevented travel. Spring is on the way and we will … Continue reading

A Lot of Good People

Sometimes even I think I am a little strange. Here is where I went at 5:25 a.m. this morning, while Attila sawed logs sleeping in. I was looking at quotations. I read a quotation by Pascal. I got thinking about algebra. I loved algebra in high school, and was feeling warm hearted towards integers and variables. I found a web site that reviews the basics of algebra, lets face it it has been more than 30 years since I last paid any attention to algebra. I’ve spent a good part of my morning playing around with simple variables, expressions and equations. It is like playing with blocks, building things from units, moving them around to make sense in different ways. It is also a bit like jigsaw puzzles, fitting things together so that they make sense. What fun! My Mom remembers this time; she always said that they were lucky during the depression because my Grandfather had work. She never romanticizes the experience. What strikes me is that the people I know who lived through that time, have never voiced contempt for the poor; not for those who were poor during the depression, not for those who are poor now. … Continue reading